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The Wealthy Adventurer’s Club has been around for a long time. However, we have recently made some modifications and improvements. Thus… Version 2.0 now.

We are excited to have you here and look forward to sharing tons of fun, interesting, helpful, unique and amazing information with you.

In our Club version 2.0, our mission is not only to share information with you… it is to share ACTIONABLE information that helps you to solve your problems and improve your adventurous lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Before we proceed…

If you are a new subscriber with us, I would like to offer you a free subscription to our 20-part, mini-course entitled, 20 Secrets of the World’s Greatest Goal Achieving Explorer, John Goddard.

Goddard Secrets of the World’s Greatest Goal Achieving Explorer

Explorer, John Goddard


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Before Indiana Jones… before Crocodile Dundee… even before Steve Irwin… there was John Goddard. He was known far and wide as “the man who did it all.” This world-renowned adventurer spent more than fifty years traveling the globe by land, air, and sea. He set records, made history and developed an awe-inspiring reputation. He was caring and generous. He made a lot of friends along the way.

Your Privacy is Protected

Newsletter Included

We welcome you to our unique community of explorersadventurers and freedom-loving individuals. We look forward to your participation and moral support. You have a voice here and we always welcome your comments, questions and opinions. Also, always feel free to email me with your questions and comments. (sdgrist@yahoo.com)

My name is Stan Grist. I’ve been an adventurer, explorer, gold prospector, treasure hunter and free roaming spirit for more than four decades. The only problem with my "job description" is that it has almost never provided me with a "regular paycheck".

Some people who know me are convinced that I must be a bank robber or I must have inherited a small fortune from a rich uncle. I am often asked how I have financed my lifestyle over all these years.

I am definitely not a bank robber and I have never inherited a cent from anyone. Over the coming months, I’ll be sharing all of my many favorite and secret methods and strategies for financing a “location independent” lifestyle with you. Location Independence means you can live wherever you want in the world for as long as you like.

Stan Grist - Location Independence

 Stan Grist - Location Independence

You would not believe the thousands of emails I have received over the years asking me for advice on how to make money on the road. Also, dozens of aspiring explorers have asked for help with figuring out how to finance major expeditions to the most remote corners of the globe. Many more have asked how and where to find enough gold to maintain the free lifestyle.

I am happy to report that I have developed some strategies and systems for financing your dreams and goals. The only bad news is that almost all of my methods require some hard work and a little patience (not too much). That said, in my humble opinion, it is totally worth it! The payoff is a life of adventure, location freedom and independence. Are you ready to get started?


Explorer, Stan Grist - adventurepreneur

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll enjoy sharing a lot of my own story and experiences with you about how I got into this wild and crazy line of work in the first place. I’ll also look forward to you sharing some of your stories with me and our group.

See you back tomorrow with an exact idea of what (and what not) to expect from your membership with us. I think you'll like what you see!


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