Time Machine

Time Machine

Treasure Time Machine

I am back with the goods I promised you in my last email. We left off where I was sharing with you that I had discovered how to enter the treasure time machine”.

In plain language, I figured out how to find virgin, unique and forgotten sites that have never been “hunted out” by metal detector toting treasure hunters.

The implications are crazy if you think about it!

If I could find the same quantities of all of those silver coins and gold jewelry like I did in the 60’s & 70’s, TODAY, I could make a pretty comfortable “adventure income”.


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A few examples from the “Good Old Days”...

  • Visiting a rest stop while traveling in Michigan (1968), I pulled out my old Heathkit metal detector, found a hot spot, and recovered more than 80 silver (pre-1965) coins in less than one hour.

 80 silver (pre-1965) coins in less than one hour

While visiting my grandparents in downtown Detroit (1967), I searched a strip of public ground between the sidewalk and street. This grassy strip continued for many blocks. I never found less than 25 older coins in front of each house along the road. I was never able to finish that project… too many coins, too little time.

One day while in downtown Salt Lake City (1975), I came across an old mansion that had been converted into apartments. I had my detector with me and decided to try my luck for a few minutes. Two hours later, I had recovered a complete collection of Indian head pennies, buffalo nickels, barber & mercury head dimes, standing liberty quarters and a few silver halves. I could only imagine what the rest of the block could produce.

detecting in old mansion

detecting in old mansion

Driving around an old neighborhood in Calgary, Alberta one day (1985), I noticed that the city was preparing to pour new cement sidewalks. They had just removed the old cement the day before. I went home, grabbed my detector and returned fast. I only had time to detect 50 or 60 yards of narrow, open ground. Every single coin I found was minted before 1930. I did not find even one modern coin. I found more than 50 coins that day.

I found more than 50 coins that day

I found more than 50 coins that day

Years passed with very little success.

Finally, technology progressed. The internet was invented. I think it was Al Gore who invented it, right? I don’t remember well because “global warming” has affected my memory a bit.

Anyway, over the past 2 years, I have discovered and combined 2 main, modern technologies that helped to create my “treasure time machine”. I can now find that “virgin ground” on my laptop while lying in bed. Of course, I have to pack my butt into my jeans at some point to go out and make the new recoveries. That’s ok; I need the exercise.

Today, I will share one of my methods with you and in my next email, I will share the second method.

I love finding gold and treasure in old newspaper archives. It is so easy and fun. As I searched around the internet, I discovered several dozen, free, newspaper archive sites.

Google Newspaper Archive

Google Newspaper Archive

The “research” section of my new course, Detect Gold Coins & Jewelry in Virgin, Unique & Forgotten Sites, will help you to search these types of digital archives with spectacular results.

You can now read newspaper articles and see special types of advertising from anytime in the past you like. Pay particular attention to old parksswimming holes and public events.

Armed with this amazing historical information (plus my second method in the next email), you’ll soon figure out how to place your metal detector’s search coil directly over virgin, lost and forgotten gold & silver.

When you get good at this, it will work for you every time you go out.