Stan's Recent Gold Adventures 2 

where to find gold in Ecuador

Collay-Shicata Gold Belt

Stan's Recent Gold Adventures - part 2 of 3

I hope life has been treating you well, or, should I say, that you have been treating life well?

I'm back with a continuation of the story that I began in the last newsletter. I was in the process of bringing you up to date on what I have been up to lately.


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Catching Back Up On My Story...

As I was last saying, I was beginning to get pretty excited about my prospects in the Collay-Shincata gold belt.

Over time, I was able to get a pretty good handle on the dimensions of the belt by panning, studying the geology and reading about the history.

I have outlined the general area on this Google Earth screen capture below.

A good friend and Ecuadorian geologist, John, with whom I had worked for several years on a different project, shared this photo with me:

gold nugget shooting

10 oz Gold Nugget from the South End of the Belt

John and a British geologist had conducted a study of the area in the 1980’s. They came up with similar data to that of Martin Litherland. As a result of their work, they prepared an extensive report on gold placers in Ecuador. They also mentioned the significance of this gold belt in their report.

The 10 oz. nugget had been recovered from the main river that drains south from the gold belt. Can you imagine what the motherlode source must look like? There must be a massive gold source up above somewhere.

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, all of the rivers that drain this mountain range, in all 4 cardinal directions, produce commercial grades of the same, coarse, alluvial gold as in the photo above.

That said, while the geology of the gold belt is basically all the same, each of the above mentioned rivers must have its own, independent gold source due to those sources being a bit spread out on the map.

There must be at least 6-8 different outcrops up in those mountains, perhaps even dozens.

For several years previous, I had been corresponding with an interesting, tech guy from Canada by the name of Chuck.

He relayed to me that he intended to eventually retire early and move to Ecuador. He wanted to change professions, from tech guru to explorer extraordinaire. Wow, that is a heavy duty change! At the time, Chuck was building his own metal detector from scratch. Eventually, he shared photos with me and I was seriously impressed.

A gap in time passed before he wrote to me again. In his e-mail he said that he had retired, moved to Ecuador and was living not too far from me. Of course, we made plans to meet up.

Over some weeks and a number of meetings, we knocked a lot of ideas around. Eventually, Chuck and I decided to tackle the Collay-Shincata gold belt together. However, this time around, the investigation would take on a whole new methodology that I had never even thought of before.

This time, we would use some of the latest technologies and even develop some new technology of our own! These technologies would give us a far greater reach and allow us to explore areas that had never even been seen by human eyes before.

Just think, massive, visible gold in quartz deposits, Canari gold treasures by the ton, a rich lost Spanish mining town and new technology that would allow us to go where no person has ever gone before. Does it sound too good to be true? Yes, I know, I have to pinch myself every morning when I get up. Fortunately, the pinch always hurts.

Unfortunately, this newsletter is running long again. I promise to finally try and wrap up this ongoing story in the next edition. I said, "I'll try."

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Coming up soon…

I want to let you know about a new gold-finding course that I will be introducing soon. The course will reveal little-known information about how to find alluvial gold in places where no one else has been looking.

This is a method that I have used all over North and South America to find very rich, commercial gold deposits. I last used this same method to discover a commercial gold deposit only a few hours away from where I live. With one excavator, we removed plenty of kilos of very coarse gold before having to close down our legal concession due to new, government restrictions. I'll show you some photos in the next newsletter.

What is actually quite startling is that I will be showing my customers, for the very first time, exactly how I used certain geological maps to pinpoint hundreds of thousands of acres of the same, rich gravels.

To this day, nobody (that I know of) even knows about the extensiveness of this deposit (nor many others) that is sitting right on the surface of the ground!

Please stay tuned for more details…

I look forward to being back with you again in a few more days.