Finally, Is This the “Secret Tunnel”

That Leads to Atahualpa’s

$8 Billion Dollar Gold Treasure?

As an update to the story, this private property where the cave entrance is located, is now for sale. The tunnel has not been properly explored for more than 80 years. This might be an amazing opportunity to acquire one of the most mysterious and enigmatic properties in the world. Please let me know if you have any questions... Stan

In my many travels through the beautiful little country of Ecuador, I always like to spend some time relaxing in a certain small town high up in the Andes. In the past, each time I visited my favorite  hangout there, which was a cheap imitation of the Hard Rock Café, I'd always hear these stories of a mysterious cave and tunnel located somewhere out on the edge of town

So, finally one day, I track down the source of this tale, an old man, the only person alive who had actually been in the cave. During a one-hour interview with him, he told me a strange and really fascinating story.

Adventure, Atahuapa Gold Treasure

A rustic copy or version of a Hard Rock Cafe

Back in 1910, two Germans had come into town with a very old map. As a young boy, this guy had been the only one in town willing to serve as a guide for them and to go into the cave.

As the story goes, the three adventurers descended into the cave. After about a half an hour, they came to a place where there were these stairs carved into the solid rock of the cave.

As soon as they got to the bottom of the stairs, they encountered an entrance to a man-made tunnel. It was about two meters high and a meter wide.

Secret Tunnel, Atahuapa $8 Billion Dollar Gold Treasure

The landowner opening up a space for me to squeeze through

So, they begin to follow this tunnel and it led straight as an arrow for about two hours. Now, after the two hours pass, they realize that their lantern oil was about half used up. They decided they wanted to get back to the entrance to avoid being stranded in the darkness.

The Germans promised to return in a couple of weeks with more supplies, planning to go all the way into this mysterious tunnel. But, the problem is they never returned.

So, after I questioned the man, this old guy, for about an hour, I was convinced, absolutely, of the authenticity of the story.

I immediately set out to find the landowner, where this cave entrance was, to get his permission to explore it for myself.  I was amazed to find that the entrance to this cave was about 30 feet down a cliff and almost directly underneath the landowner’s home

Adventure, Atahuapa, Billion Dollar, Gold Treasure

Here I am preparing to enter the cave

He explained to me that many years before, he decided to seal up the cave entrance with rock and cement to prevent people from trespassing. For a small fee, he agreed to let me open up a small crawlspace to go into the cave.

Well, at the entrance, I was literally trembling with excitement as my friend and I snaked our way through the small hole. Once we got inside, we proceeded through and it was very dark. We only had small flashlights with us.

Billion Dollar Gold Treasure

I have got to tell you that we were more than disappointed to find that about a hundred yards into this cave, a large rock had fallen from the ceiling during the earthquake of 1949, completely blocking the passageway.

Although our flashlights showed us that the cave continued on, we could see around the cracks, there was just no opening large enough for us to be able to squeeze through.

Secret Tunnel- Billion Dollar Gold Treasure
Adventure, Atahuapa $8 Billion Dollar Gold Treasure
Gold Treasure

Now, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this story, is that the tunnel, as it was described to me, heads directly to the vicinity where Atahualpa’s eight billion dollar treasure is known to still be hidden, about ten miles away.


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