Lost & Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets

Lost and Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets
Lost and Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets

Did you know?...

  • That billions of dollars go missing every year due to hoarding, hiding and saving?​
  • That a lot of this loot has been converted to gold & silver?
  • That this activity has been going on for thousands of years?
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    That a high percentage of this treasure is never recovered due to sudden death, accidents & forgetfulness?
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    That many people unconsciously (human nature) hide their precious items in similar types of hiding places?

How & Where to Buy Cheap Gold

Once you learn the little-known “key locations to search” found in our new course, Lost & Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets, you’ll develop new Super Powers. With a little practice, you’ll begin finding treasures much more frequently, sometimes daily. You’ll develop a Sixth Sense for sniffing out lost and hidden valuables.

You may start off by finding smaller valuables in common places. However, as you progress, open your mind and start focusing in on the bigger caches, your “luck” will improve dramatically.

This isn’t a course about finding lost pirate treasure or lost gold mines. It’s a course about techniques and methods to help you find lost and hidden treasures in and around your everyday world.

Please check out these 8 video clips that show
a few of the techniques that we reveal in the course:

Forgotten Gold Hidden on Your Property #1

Forgotten Gold Hidden on Your Property #2 

Gold Coins Found Behind Wall in House 

Parking Lot Gold

Gold Medallion Found in Parking Lot

Cash Found in Parking Lot

Find Gold with a Vacuum

Find Gold in the Bathroom Drain


  • where your very first search should begin
  • how to pay for this course in less than an hour
  • statistically, where the best places are to search right in your own home,
  • check
    what simple tools to use that will 10X your recovery results
  • check
    where gold has likely been lost outside of your house
  • check
    the best places to search in old & abandoned properties
  • check
    how the experts operate
  • check
    the specific best places to find lost & hidden valuables in your hotel room
  • check
    case studies of how & where others have discovered significant valuables
  • check
    how to make a fortune from thrift shops, estate sales and flea markets
  • check
    how and when to find lost diamonds & jewelry in large parking lots & supermarkets
  • check
    how to search for & recover hidden criminal caches (use caution)   
Lost & Hidden Diamond

Lost Diamond Discovered

During the years leading up to creating this course, my wife and I continue to passively find more and more valuables wherever we go. We have discovered that this phenomenon is a state of mind or consciousness. In other words, we are always looking for “lost treasure” without even thinking about it. It seemingly happens automatically.

The more you practice the methods in this course on a regular basis, the more success you will find. You may turn this into a full-time business with some effort. However, you may simply add these strategies to your other sources of “Adventure Income”.    


Bonus #1 – Adventure Biz Plan Checklist

To lock our offer in as a complete no-brainer for you, we include an exclusive bonus, our printable Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™.

It is one thing to read a book and learn about a successful business model. However, it is an entirely different story to have an Action Plan to follow, step-by-step. Nothing is left out.

Our proprietary Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ takes you by the hand and walks you through each step of the process so that you can get started in this business, making profits immediately.

Bonus #2 – Buried Treasure

This 7-page articles discusses the research behind some well-known buried treasures. You can discover how to research stories of lost and hidden treasure closer to your home. Your initial research will reveal that there are many of these stories in every part in the world.

Bonus #3 – How to Find Lost Stuff

This entertaining e-book will show you exactly how to track down your own lost items. By using this unique technique, you will see how to track down the lost items of other people too. This method alone could be the basis for a new business idea of finding lost items. It will also help you to find more lost and hidden gold.

Bonus #4 – Law & Practice of Treasure Finds

This 14-page legal paper discusses certain legal aspects of finding treasure. While I do find this discussion interesting, I am certainly not going to turn over my recently discovered cache of old Spanish coins to any authorities at any time soon.

Lost and Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets


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