How You Can
Recover Lost and Hidden Gold
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How You Can Recover Lost & Hidden Gold

Have you ever found lost or hidden gold? If you have, how did you feel when your eyes first saw that gold gleaming at you? What a thrill, right? There is not quite anything else like it.

For me, it has become kind of an addiction over the years. If some weeks pass by and I’m not finding any new, lost or hidden gold, my subconscious reminds me that it’s time to get back out in the field to follow up on the next lead in my project priority file.

Of course we all like to talk about pirate treasure and lost gold mines. Dreams are made of these. There is only one little problem with pirate treasure and lost gold mines. They are LONG SHOTS. In other words, they are “low probability” targets.

Chances are, unless you have some pretty hot, insider information, you’re not likely to score anything noteworthy for all your time and energy.

I have a new angle for you to consider...

Did you know that every year, billions of new dollars are removed from circulation due to hoardinghiding and saving? Some people convert this money into gold, silver and jewelry. Some people keep it in cash, stock certificates, bonds and other paper valuables.

Stocks Bonds

Stocks Bonds

These treasures are often hidden within easy reach of the owner. Many people do not trust leaving their valuables in banks and other financial institutions anymore. The media is always full of news lately about pension funds, banks and brokers being poorly managed and going bankrupt. Can you imagine losing your hard earned money because some idiot made a bad decision or maybe even embezzled the funds?

gold coins hidden

Gold coins hidden

More and more as our current financial system deteriorates, people are becoming creative in where to keep their valuables within reach. Have you seen all of the YouTube videos showing building secret compartmentshiding places in furniture, building secret rooms, etc.

hidden under table

Hidden under table

The custom built “hidden compartment” furniture industry is on fire these days. Some of these pieces of furniture are beyond belief with creativity. I just watched one video of a guy who hides an arsenal of weapons and ammo in a single piece of furniture in his living room! All he has to do is press two hidden buttons simultaneously and he has an assault rifle in his hands within seconds.

hidden curio cabinet

Hidden curio cabinet

Anyway, I think you get my point that new treasure is being hidden every day at a record rate like never before.

However, with that said, hiding valuables within reach is not a new concept; it has been going on for thousands of years. There are literally tons of hidden treasure in every city, community and town around the entire world.

1. A significant amount of this hidden treasure actually becomes “lost”. It never gets recovered. There are numerous reasons how hidden treasure can become lost. Some of the main reasons are due to sudden deathaccidents and simple forgetfulness.

2. Another interesting factor is that due to human nature, valuables are often hidden in similar types of places. Without even realizing it, people hide their valuables in furniture, under beds, in attics, etc.

It is possible to make a checklist of the very most likely hiding places that people use. (more on this in my next email)

cash hidden in a can

Cash hidden in a can


“Likeliest hiding place checklists” could be made for homes, garages, hotel rooms, historical houses, thrift shops & flea markets, criminal caches, and more. By following a proven checklist, you could increase your chances of recovering treasure by 10X +.


Likeliest hiding place checklists

By internalizing (through active repetition) the most likely places to find lost and hidden treasure, you develop an unconscious state of “treasure finding mind”. After a while, without even directly thinking about it, you become luckier and luckier in finding new bigger and better treasures.

I have some great ideas to share with you in our next email. I'll have some short "treasure recovery" videos for you to watch. I’ll even share the very best and first place to begin your next search.

Back soon,



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