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Your Very 1st Place to Search for Lost & Hidden Treasure

How You Can
Recover Lost and Hidden Gold

Have you ever found lost or hidden gold? If you have, how did you feel when your eyes first saw that gold gleaming at you? What a thrill, right? There is not quite anything else like it.

find gold coin

For me, it has become kind of an addiction over the years. If some weeks pass by and I’m not finding any new, lost or hidden gold, my subconscious reminds me that it’s time to get back out in the field to follow up on the next lead in my project priority file.

Of course we all like to talk about pirate treasure and lost gold mines. Dreams are made of these. There is only one little problem with pirate treasure and lost gold mines. They are LONG SHOTS. In other words, they are “low probability” targets. Chances are, unless you have some pretty hot, insider information, you’re not likely to score anything noteworthy for all your time and energy.

I have a new angle for you to consider...

Did you know that every year, billions of new dollars are removed from circulation due to hoardinghiding and saving? Some people convert this money into gold, silver and jewelry. Some people keep it in cash, stock certificates, bonds and other paper valuables.

Stocks Bonds

These treasures are often hidden within easy reach of the owner. Many people do not trust leaving their valuables in banks and other financial institutions anymore. The media is always full of news lately about pension funds, banks and brokers being poorly managed and going bankrupt. Can you imagine losing your hard earned money because some idiot made a bad decision or maybe even embezzled the funds?

gold coins hidden

More and more as our current financial system deteriorates, people are becoming creative in where to keep their valuables within reach. Have you seen all of the YouTube videos showing building secret compartments, hiding places in furniture, building secret rooms, etc.

hidden under table

The custom built “hidden compartment” furniture industry is on fire these days. Some of these pieces of furniture are beyond belief with creativity. I just watched one video of a guy who hides an arsenal of weapons and ammo in a single piece of furniture in his living room! All he has to do is press two hidden buttons simultaneously and he has an assault rifle in his hands within seconds.

hidden curio cabinet

Anyway, I think you get my point that new treasure is being hidden every day at a record rate like never before.

However, with that said, hiding valuables within reach is not a new concept; it has been going on for thousands of years. There are literally tons of hidden treasure in every city, community and town around the entire world.

There are two more interesting points I would like to share with you today.

1. A significant amount of this hidden treasure actually becomes “lost”. It never gets recovered. There are numerous reasons how hidden treasure can become lost. Some of the main reasons are due to sudden deathaccidents and simple forgetfulness.

2. Another interesting factor is that due to human nature, valuables are often hidden in similar types of places. Without even realizing it, people hide their valuables in furniture, under beds, in attics, etc. It is possible to make a checklist of the very most likely hiding places that people use. (more on this in my next email)

hid in can

cash hidden in a can


“Likeliest hiding place checklists” could be made for homes, garages, hotel rooms, historical houses, thrift shops & flea markets, criminal caches, and more. By following a proven checklist, you could increase your chances of recovering treasure by 10X +.


By internalizing (through active repetition) the most likely places to find lost and hidden treasure, you develop an unconscious state of “treasure finding mind”. After a while, without even directly thinking about it, you become luckier and luckier in finding new bigger and better treasures.

I have some great ideas to share with you in our next email. I'll have some short "treasure recovery" videos for you to watch. I’ll even share the very best and first place to begin your next search.

Back soon,


Your Very 1st Place to Search for Lost & Hidden Treasure

Lost Hidden Treasure

It never ceases to amaze me what people find when I ask them to search through their own wallet or purse! I mean really search carefully, opening up every little crack and compartment. In fact, it is rare when someone doesn’t find some little thing that they had completely forgotten about. Sometimes, we even find treasure.

Lost old wallet

Treasure can come in the form of cash or it can be an important contact telephone number. I have watched people discover lost lock combinations, account numbers, passwords and padlock keys.

lost purse

Where else?

After your own wallet or purse, you might check things like eyeglass cases, coin purses, telephone protector covers, document folders, brief cases, computer bags, and the list goes on.

coin purses

A recent personal experience...

A few months ago, I was going through a box of forgotten goodies that I had packed up years ago. I came across a pair of Rayban sunglasses in their original case. These were my dad’s sunglasses when he was a pilot in the Air Force in 1954 – 57. He passed away in a plane crash in 1957.

rayban glasses and case

When I pulled his sunglasses out, I noticed a little hidden slot inside the case. As I probed further, I found a small piece of paper with Morse code written on it. I found a rather shocking message when I decoded it. That was quite a treasure for me.

Years of searching and finding...

I have spent years figuring out the best places to search for lost and hidden gold. I have read dozens of books, collected hundreds of news items and personally spoken with hundreds of people who have found treasure in different places. Quite a few of these treasures were substantial, worth more than $100,000. Several of them turned out to each be worth more than a million $USD. That is a life-changer.

Gold Coin Treasure

I have been fortunate to find my fair share of treasure too. When I am active, I can usually find something substantial within a month or two of starting. Unfortunately, in our crazy world, I am not able to give many details. I was nearly murdered a couple of years ago in a home invasion. The bad guys were specifically looking for gold. Fortunately, I knew where to hide it in a place that nobody would ever look.

gold coin

New Basic Course...

Over the years, and with all of these experiences, I have compiled and listed my very best “lost treasure recovery locations”. These are the locations that pop up over and over again when people discover unexpected valuables.

Now, I have taken all of my information and created a new, basic course for Lost & Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets. In this course I list dozens of the most likely places to discover lost and hidden gold. I even created independent checklists for finding lost and hidden treasure in 5 different environments.


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The Videos!

I hope you will take a few minutes to check out the 8 videos I have posted for you to see. These videos reveal some of the places where gold is actually being found by people like us. I think the videos will plant some great ideas in your mind.

What's next?

In my next email to you, I will reveal one type of public place where my wife and I almost always find valuables. If we ever forget our money at home and are out in the city needing a taxi, we know right where to go to find plenty of money to get home. Sometimes we even find enough to stop for dinner at a nice restaurant on the way home.

This may sound funny, but I am entirely serious!

See you soon,


REVEALED - The Best Public Place to Find Gold - fastest & easiest

Find-Gold fastest-and-easiest

Did you have a chance to look at the 8 videos I posted on my Lost & Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets page? Which video was most interesting to you?

Once you have thoroughly checked your own wallet or purse for “lost treasure”, where might you go next? You might go in search of other old wallets and purses laying around the house. You might find these in some old boxes that have been stored away for a long time. That’s how I discovered my dad’s long-forgotten sunglasses and hidden secret message in Morse code.

Next best areas to investigate for Lost Treasure…

One more obvious place to look for lost goodies around the house would be in the chairs and sofas. To do this right, it requires a deep dive into all of the cushions and hollow spaces of this furniture. You have to pulls things apart a bit.

One good trick is to sit on the furniture and purposely drop some new quarters down behind the cushions, just as if you were really losing them in real life. Make sure that these new coins have a chance to work their way down into the cracks.

Then, you must go find those new coins and figure out how to recover them. In the process, you just may find a lot of other interesting valuables that have worked their way into those same cracks over the years.

Finding Money

One good trick is to sit on the furniture and purposely drop some new quarters down behind the cushions, just as if you were really losing them in real life. Make sure that these new coins have a chance to work their way down into the cracks.

Then, you must go find those new coins and figure out how to recover them. In the process, you just may find a lot of other interesting valuables that have worked their way into those same cracks over the years.

Lost and Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets

Where Else to Look?

In my last email to you, I promised to reveal a type of “public place” where my wife and I almost always find valuables, even when we are not consciously searching. This phenomenon has become fairly amazing to us. Apparently, we have trained our subconscious brains to always be searching for lost valuables.

For example, the other day, we were crossing the street to go to a shopping mall. As we passed by the bus stop where a bus had just departed, my wife bent over and picked up 2 lost bills, a $10 and a $5. I asked her how she noticed them lying there, as I had not seen a thing. She said that they just simply “popped out” at her.

And that takes us to our last little secret for this email…

Parking Lots...

When you stop to consider how people lose their valuables, it often happens when they are reaching into their pockets, wallets or purses. In the act of pulling out the car keys, other valuables sometimes get caught up in the action accidentally.

Also, think of how vulnerable rings and jewelry are to being banged against hard surfaces and metal objects all day long. Diamonds and jewelry are most often lost in supermarkets and parking lots by being banged against metal doors and handles.

parking lot accident

In our experience, after a busy weekend of hundreds or even thousands of shoppers coming and going from large shopping center parking lots, plenty of valuables are accidentally left behind on the ground.

In our new training course, we teach you how to systematically search a parking lot in a way that gives you the best odds of finding something significant.

Never forget to check along the chain link fences that border parking lots. The wind blows and concentrates cash and important documents to these locations.

In my humble opinion, I suggest that you grab a copy of Lost & Hidden Gold Recovery Secrets for the crazy, low, intro price right away. Begin training your brain to always be sniffing out treasure, even when you’re not aware of it!

In my next email to you, I will be sharing some amazing secrets about how to discover virginunique and forgotten sites where gold has been lost and where nobody has ever searched with a metal detector before. Think how amazing it would be to be able to search a rich area for the very first time ever!

See you back here again soon,