Gold Nugget Detecting

Gold Nugget Metal Detecting Mastery
Gold Nugget Metal Detecting

Gold Nugget Metal Detecting Mastery

Would you like to become a Master of Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets?

Did you know that some Nugget Shooters regularly recover more than a quarter of an ounce of coarse gold per day with their metal detectors?

Would you like to know the details of how to make a comfortable living with your metal detector?

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Welcome to Gold Nugget Metal Detecting Mastery!

If other Nugget Shooters are out there having success in detecting gold nuggets, you can learn to do the same too.

Success in Metal Detecting Gold Nuggets really boils down to only two main ingredients:

1. Master the art of tuning your metal detector in any ground condition.

2. Know where to go to get your search coil close to gold nuggets in the ground.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Actually, there is a little more to these two criteria than meets the eye at first glance.

This is where Gold Nugget Metal Detecting Mastery will give you a huge edge for success. In our new, basic course, you will learn many details of how to become successful, fast.

Watch a Master Nugget Shooter at Work (not me)

Here is a partial list of what you’ll discover in the course:

  • master your ability to tune your detector,
  • how different ground conditions will affect your results,
  • how to make sure your detector is perfectly tuned for any condition,
  • how to “learn the language” of your metal detector,
  • know which detector accessory is the very most important of all,
  • which are the best States & Province for detecting gold nuggets,
  • how to pinpoint the very best place to search within your target State,
  • what to understand about the “geological context” of your target,
  • how to make sure you are in the exact right spot in real time,
  • what is the final ingredient to insure your success?
Stan Gold Nugget

Stan Nugget Shooting in Az.

All of this valuable knowledge is included in our new, basic course, Gold Nugget Metal Detecting Mastery. To lock this offer in as a No-Brainer, we will even include an exclusive bonus, our printable Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™.

It is one thing to read a book and learn about a successful business model. However, it is an entirely different story to have an Action Plan to follow, step-by-step. Nothing is left out.

Our proprietary Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ takes you by the hand and walks you through each step of the process so that you can get started in this business, making profits immediately.

Besides the main Nugget Detecting Mastery Adventure Biz Plan Checklist, we also include 2 other bonus reports about Electronic Prospecting and Advanced Nugget Hunting.

Finally, to make this decision a total No-Brainer, we are offering this course to you at a crazy stupid introductory price of only $9.97 if you are a club member. If you're not already a club member, you can subscribe in the box below and get the big discount. This intro price won’t last long so please take some FAST ACTION!

Gold Nugget Metal Detecting Mastery


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