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Fight Dirty & Win Fast!

Fight Dirty and Win Fast

A little personal background...

I grew up in Detroit. Back then, the Motor City was better known as the Murder City. Detroit was experiencing an average of 2 murders per day and was considered just about the most dangerous city in the United States.

In high school, for excitement, we used to drive into the most dangerous parts of the city on a Saturday night and unlock the car doors when we stopped for a red light. That scared theHoly Bejeses out of us. When we returned home to the suburbs, alive, several hours later, we felt exhilarated. Pretty stupid, right?

What if someone would have come up to our car with a gun or a knife? We wouldn’t have had a clue what to do to defend ourselves. I used to think about taking a Martial Arts class so that I would know how to defend myself properly if the need ever arose. But for me, that would not come for quite a few years later.

Michael’s Story…

About 2 years after graduating from high school, a good friend of mine, Michael, went downtown with a few friends to attend a rock concert one Saturday night. He thought he was going to have some fun, see a great concert and drink a few beers with his buddies. The party got started, the music was awesome and everyone was having an amazing time.

At some point, Michael had to go to the bathroom. As he told me a few days later, he had a difficult time finding a bathroom. He had to worm his way through huge crowds, searching. Eventually, he gave up and just decided to go outside the concert gates and relieve himself behind the nearest big tree.

Just as he was zipping up his pants, 3 scary-looking guys appeared out of “nowhere”. They approached him in a very menacing way with terrible scowls on their faces. The smallest of the group asked Michael for his money, implying that if Michael didn’t cooperate, there would be trouble. After having paid to get into the concert and for some drinks, Michael only had about $5 left in his pocket. Michael immediately turned over the money and expected to walk away freely.

This street gang actually never had any intention of letting Michael off the hook so easily. They circled around him and expected to have a little fun at Michael’s expense. Michael could see the evil looking grin on their faces and perfectly understood what was about to happen. Several of the gang members were reaching for objects in their pockets.

What Would You Do?

Now, imagine yourself in Michael’s position. How would you feel at this moment? What would you be thinking? What would you do? Please think this scenario through very carefully. Put yourself in Michael’s position. There is no apparent escape from this experienced “Street Fighting Gang”. Bad stuff is about to happen.

Things like this happen to people all over the world, everyday. It happens in parking lots, back streets, parks, shopping centers and even front yards. These bad guys don’t just want the money; they also want the pure pleasure of kicking some ass and stomping some face.

This is what Michael did...

Michael told me that he didn’t have much time to think about things, he simply reacted. How did he react? Fortunately (or unfortunately for the gang), my friend Michael had been studying the art of Street Fighting for years. His studies had combined several different martial arts. His father had earned several black belts of varying degrees in different disciplines and Michael had followed in his father’s footsteps from a young age.

In a flash, Michael instantly tore the left ear off the first attacker leaving him in a painful, bloody mess. Without a pause, Michael spun around and landed a powerful reverse punch to the temple of the second attacker leaving him unconscious on the ground. The third attacker immediately ran away in terror. The entire encounter took place in less than 30 seconds.

Was it fair for Michael to fight so dirty and hurt the thugs so severely? I’ll let you be the judge of that…

Many years after this incident, I became a Private Investigator in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I soon found myself regularly investigating some pretty shady characters, especially in insurance fraud cases. I usually had to go to court to testify against them several times each month.

In the due course of business, I began receiving death threats from some of these criminals. I began looking into various martial arts so I could protect myself better. Fairly quickly I was introduced to a master of 3 different martial arts. He had consolidated and condensed them into a relatively simple Street Fighting System. Within a dozen or so sessions, I had the basic hang of things and felt much more secure.

The most amazing thing I learned is that I didn’t really have to study for years and earn ablack belt to know how to defend myself well against at least 98% of the bad guys out on the street. It all boiled down to becoming very familiar with about 10 different moves. By practicing about twice a week or so, I have been able to keep very familiar with how to respond instantly in almost any kind of menacing situation.

Fight Dirty and Win Fast


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