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Enter the Stargate

Welcome to: “Enter the Stargate”

What is a Stargate?

Officially, the term “Stargate” means just that: an otherworldly door or portal to outside realms, hidden within Earth’s and space’s magnetic fields, waiting to transport the enlightened traveler to a place beyond current time limitations.


Our “Enter the Stargate” digital product is similar, but it allows you to remain comfortably at home without physically leaving the universe. 

Q & A’s…

Q: Exactly what is this new, digital product, Enter the Stargate?

A: This product is a one-of-a-kind, “Google Custom Search Engine” that has been programmed with numerous, little-known, obscure and hidden, online sources and data bases. Therefore, this custom search engine produces unique results which are rarely seen in normal, Google search results.

quantum computer modern secrets from ancient mysteries

Included, is a 26-page, pdf Operator's Manual which includes tips and tricks for getting the most out of your search engine. More than 200 suggested keywords are provided in the manual to help stimulate your creativity for obtaining spectacular search results.

Q: What is the purpose of the Custom Search Engine?

A: The purpose of this custom engine is to provide rare & unique search results having to do with:

  • ​​ancient mysteries solved,
  • hidden knowledge,
  • ufo’s & alien presence,
  • Circle
    hollow earth & flat earth facts & fables,
  • Circle
    unknown & secret properties of gold,
  • how sacred geometry works,
  • ancient tunnel systems - where & why,
  • secrets of water,
  • ancient sacred texts,
  • secret societies,
  • free energy devices already in use,
  • anti-gravity devices in use,
  • giant human remains discovered in many places,
  • underground technologies,
  • modern secrets resulting from ancient mysteries
  • sensitive & secret documents,
  • rare images,
  • little-known government programs from around the world,
  • plus many more secrets they don’t want you to know!

You may only be interested in a handful of the topics above. That’s OK. You have the option to explore only topics that interest you most. This tool / library offers you hundreds of thousands of downloadable results, but allows you to easily and quickly pinpoint, only, exactly what you want.

​Stan, Thank you for letting me beta test your new product, Enter the Stargate. After only my first few keywords searches, I was totally blown away at the quality and quantity of results. Just for fun, I was able to download about 3 gigabytes of "top secret" documents and e-books in less than an hour. ​I cannot believe the shocking nature of documents I have already read.

If the world only knew the truth of what is out there, I think there might be a large-scale revolution or something. So many people are asleep and have no clue about what is going on around them.

Your faithful subscriber, Peter Ward

Q: Specifically, what results can I expect from this product?

A: Your search results can be chosen to appear specifically in your desired formats, such as:

  • General web pages,
  • PDF docs & e-books,
  • WORD docs,
  • TXT docs,
  • Excel docs,
  • Power Point presentations, and
  • Images,

Thus, you have access to limitless quantities of hard-to-find documents, shocking images and  rare e-books that are perfectly suited to your exact tastes and preferences.

This product, Enter the Stargate, allows you to build a highly personalized, private, multi-terabyte, digital library in a very short period of time.    


This is a screenshot image of the Stargate search engine. 

This is where you enter your own keywords to search.

​Check out this video to see how easy it is to copy suggested keywords

from the Operator's Manual and plug them into the search engine. 

See how fast and easy it is to download your chosen results.

Prepare for a shock…

Welcome to a new world! You have just entered into the future. Or, at least, you will see things that are only supposed to exist in the future, but in reality, they exist today.

What you are about to discover here, in essence, is a large, universal and transformational library of rare and secret resources that will allow you to see, know and do things that few other people have ever been able to before.

What you will experience is like passing through a Stargate. You will enter through one side and come out the other as a different person, in a different place (figuratively). You’ll still look the same on the outside, but will be transformed intellectually, emotionally, and maybe even a little bit spiritually.

You will have access to secret and rare digital documents, papers, books, images and other materials that may change the way you see the reality of our world and universe. You will realize how we have been “lied to” our entire lives. World Rulers (who are the real ones?) keep these secrets from us so we will remain “obedient” and easily controlled.


To take this step today, is brave and not for people with fixed ideas, who already “know it all”.

This purchase decision is only for people with open minds who can “take the heat” when reality takes on a whole new perspective. It is not for the faint of heart.

Many past presidents of the USA never even had access to some of this information.

A few questions for you...

Did you think that Stargate is just an interesting, sci-fi movie?

Would you like to see a real Stargate and understand how it works?

Did you think that aliens may visit the earth sometime in the future?

Did you know that they are already among us from a variety of places in the universe?

Want to see the documented proof?

Did you know that alien technology has been being used on earth for a very long time?

Did you know that free-energy devices already exist? Do you know where they are and who is using them? 

Discover the facts.

What about levitation and anti-gravity? Yes, they exist. See the photos & documentation.

Does water actually have a structure and memory capacity? See the formulae for yourself.

Why has gold really been so important over the ages? Secret properties?

What technologies were used in ancient times to build sophisticated, megalithic structures?

Who build them? For what purpose?

Is the earth really hollow? Is the earth really flat?

Did giant humans ever walk the earth? Where is the evidence? Who were they?

Do ancient tunnel systems connect far off places? Who built them? Why?

Why is Sacred Geometry, sacred? What does it do?

Do “remote viewing” and “remote healing” really exist? How does that work?

What do ancient, sacred texts from around the world really reveal, once properly understood?

What do Ayahuasca and DMT unlock in the brain? What is to be discovered there?

What do most of the ancient masters agree on about the nature and the reality of life?

Is it possible to learn how to produce apparent miracles?

How do the subconscious and unconscious work and what is the procedure to gain full control of them? (ever seen the movie, “Limitless”?)

When you purchase "Enter the Stargate" today, 

you'll also receive the following 5 valuable bonuses:

The Adam & Eve Story

Bonus #1

This is your rare, never classified, e-book, The Adam & Eve Story. It is in the form of a "flash" flipbook. Depending on your browser settings, you may have to give your browser permission to open and view this "flash" document. As you will see, the book was crudely scanned and some of the pages are crooked. However, it is all quite legible.

The paperback version of this exact copy costs many hundreds of dollars online. It was banned and classified by the CIA. Later declassified, many original pages were removed. The declassified version has only 55 pages. This version has more than 200 pages. When you read the book, you'll know why it was classified. The reality of what is about to happen is terrifying! 

The Adam & Eve Story audio

Bonus #2

This is an audio version of The Adam & Eve Story. As you will notice, it was read by a non-professional reader. It is the only audio version we could locate. 

Bonus #3 - full-length documentary about the top secret activities in Area 51

Bonus #4 - full-length documentary about the reality and history of the Annunaki

Bonus #5 - full-length movie about The Stargate

We are offering a low, introductory price of only $97 for this incredible, digital package. Our members pay only $47. If you wish to be a member and obtain the greatest discount, please fill in the subscription box below. You may leave any questions or comments in the box at the bottom of this page.  


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Finally, your purchase is guaranteed. Let me take away all of the risk for you. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason within 30 days, just send me a quick e-mail and I will refund your purchase in full.

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