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Emergency Gold Alert! - Part 2 of 2

In our last discussion, we left off talking about some potentially explosive and quickly developing world events.


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  • I shared my opinion with you that world economic and political conditions are about to snap, like a highly wound rubber band.
  • We don’t know how things will turn out as we have already entered this battle.
  • It would be wise to urgently obtain as much gold and silver as possible as an insurance policy.
  • Gold is very expensive so we need to have some secret tricks up our sleeves to be able to obtain gold for pennies on the dollar.

I’m going to share some of those “up the sleeve secret tricks” with you today. Hopefully, this will help to get you started in taking some fast action .

First Point Today

I would like to start off today by showing you how the price of gold is currently a wound up rubber band, ready to explode!

I am an avid currency and commodities trader. I use technical analysis and price formations to help me make decisions about when to buy and sell. You don’t need to know much about this technical stuff when you look at this 10-year price chart of gold prices:

Emergency Gold Alert

This price formation is called a “flag”, for obvious reasons. For the past 6-years, gold prices have been converging into a narrow tunnel. 

This “flag formation” is recognized by traders in all markets and in all time frames. In this case, once price reaches the tip of the flag, gold prices will either explode upward or downward and they will explode like dynamite.

I agree with the vast majority of market experts I read that all of the fundamental conditions are in place for this to be an upward price explosion for gold . Most of these experts also agree that for several different reasons, the value of the dollar is about to “tank”.

Second Point Today

We all need more gold right now. We need gold fast (like yesterday). We need cheap gold, the cheaper, the better…Right?

We need a solution that all of us can apply anywhere, not just those who live near the gold fields.

Third Point Today… Your Best Solution

There is one method I would like to share with you today. I think this is one of the easiest, fastest and most profitable ways to buy gold dirt cheap… for pennies on the dollar. This business model is currently being applied with great success in every city in the world, so it is not just a personal opinion of mine.

Years ago, when I was running my little store in Utah called, The Prospector, I was constantly being offered gold to buy in many different forms. People needed cash fast for various personal urgencies.

The prices I was being offered were too low for me to turn down. There were coins, watches, broken jewelry, nuggets, hard-rock gold specimens, class rings, etc.

After my first purchases, I began to run low on investment capital. I needed to sell some of my inventory, hopefully at a profit. I looked through the Yellow Page phone book for potential gold buyers. I finally located one that soundedgenuine and helpful.

We met. The gold buyer was a PhD university professor. He had been running his gold buying business on the side for 2 years. However, he confessed, “Stan, I am making more than $25k per month with this gold business on the side. I just turned in my resignation as a professor so I can do this full-time now.”

Fortunately, this soon-to-be, ex-professor shared tons of “insider knowledge ” with me about how to operate and how to increase my profits. He showed me how to improve my buying tactics. This helped to double my profits instantly.

Interestingly, the professor never, ever advertised anywhere. He simply started by buying broken gold jewelry from friends. Many unknowledgeable people actually throw broken jewelry away into the garbage.

Word of mouth spread quickly and he was soon buying broken jewelry from a string of people several times each week.

There are other tricks of the trade such as knowing how to prompt people to come up with other unused household items (gold & silver) that are laying around gathering dust. There are also creative ways to gather leads from your satisfied customers about who else they may know with items to sell.

To top it off, you could have clients and friends sponsor a gold-buying party at their homes for you. Everyone is invited to bring old and broken items (from a prepared list) that they would like to get rid of.

Instead of the party costing money, people return home with extra cash. The party sponsor also gets a percentage for their efforts.

Last Point Today

If you are interested in all of the fine details of this amazing business model, I have prepared a basic course for you. It is entitled, How and Where to Buy Cheap Gold. I just began selling this product to the public for $47.00 (in my online bookstore). I am offering this course to you at a very deep discount of only $9.97

As a bonus, I invented a special checklist that helps take you by the hand, step-by-step, in getting this business model launched fast. I call it the Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ for How & Where to Buy Cheap Gold.

I have prepared a Private Offer page for you with this discounted price. This low price is available to you for two days, starting from your first visit to the page. When the timer clock runs out, the price returns to normal.

I love this business model. I have applied it in several different cities and countries. It works the same everywhere. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

In a few days, we’ll discuss more creative methods for finding more gold.

Talk soon,


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