Emergency Gold Alert
9 Ways To find 1/4 oz. Gold per day

9 Ways To find 1/4 oz. Gold per day

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Emergency Gold Alert! – Part 1 of 2

The time has finally come for us to discuss this...

As you may know, I have been involved with finding gold for nearly my entire life. I closely monitor world economic and political conditions. Daily, I read and watch a number of different “gurus” on these and other related topics.

I normally don’t publish my thoughts on politics nor my latest economic opinions. However, I have always contended that it is wise to possess physical gold and silver, not so much as an investment strategy, but more as an insurance policy.

From a very personal and unfortunate experience with a bloody and brutal home invasion a couple of years ago, I know the value of having precious metals on-hand and well-hidden. During our home invasion, everything of value was stolen from us except for our hidden, physical, precious metal insurance plan.

I realize that experiencing physical violence has been a relatively rare thing for the vast majority of all of us, and our friends. I also know that something very ominous is going on in the world right now and some big things are about to change. Widespread violence may be part of what is coming.

In case you haven’t noticed, a major, world-wide, political and economic battle has already begun. There are many events happening and actions being taken behind the scenes. I am not exaggerating when I say this is a monumental, pivotal moment in world history. We don’t yet know how it will end.

In my opinion, one thing is for sure. Over the coming short weeks and months, it would be wise for us to obtain as much gold and silver as we possibly can. That is why I am calling my next few e-mails to you, part of a major: Emergency Gold Alert!


Emergency Gold Alert!

The Problem:

There is only one little problem for many of us in obtaining more gold.

Gold is expensive. To buy only a troy pound of gold would cost well more than $10,000. Who has that kind of extra cash laying around?

The Solution:

Fortunately, over decades, I have had plenty of experience with finding gold and also obtaining gold for pennies on the dollar.

There are “little-known ways” you can use to acquire or obtain gold quite inexpensively.

What are these “Little-Known" Ways?

Some people already know about these “little-known ways”, but they don’t know the exact steps to take – one by one - in order to successfully get the gold, every single time they try.

Very few people alive today know the exact steps to take, the ones that guarantee success in obtaining gold for free or cheap, whenever they want. I guarantee that those who do know “the ways”, are feeling far more secure right now than those who don’t have any gold and know what is coming.

It has taken me 5 long decades of practice and experience to learn the “little-known ways” that I speak of. It has been a long road with many ups and downs. I have documented these years of experience with hundreds of photos. If you care to have a look at some of them, they are posted in these places…


As you can see in many of my photos, a serious portion of my life has been dedicated to finding gold. It has been fun and it has been exhausting.

In the past, I have written many articles and books, sharing information about finding gold. I have told a number of my stories. However, I have never shared the exact, step-by-step details of what to do to bring home the gold every single time.

Since time is growing very short now, this seems like a good time to begin sharing these details. Over the years, I have developed various methods to either find or buy gold very inexpensively. At one point or another over the years, I have made a full-time living by practicing each one of these methods that I will share over the coming weeks.

I have discussed some of these methods in public before. But I have never shared "all" of the detailed steps, in order, of exactly what to do.

Since I am a big fan of making checklists for everything, it occurred to me that documenting all of the details of my different methods should naturally be done with a type of checklist. So, I invented the Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ for each of my gold-getting methods.



Free Solutions:

In my next e-mail messages to you, I’ll be sharing plenty of ideas, details and steps that you can put into practice immediately to start obtaining more gold for free or for cheap.

Cheap Solutions:

I will also be offering a series of basic training courses that go into far more detailed steps in case you want to get real serious, real fast about getting the gold. Each of these new courses includes an Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™.

These training courses will each be sold to the public for $47.00. I will be offering them to you, my loyal subscriber, for only $9.97. The discounted offer will last for only 2 days from the first time you visit the private offer page.

In my next message to you, I’ll be sharing some great ideas about how and where to buy very cheap gold. This method works in any town or city in the world. I’ll tell you about a little-understood, underground way that many people are making thousands of dollars per week doing this without even having an office or store.

If you would like a “sneak peek” at a great little video and brief explanation of the method, please visit our private offer page here: Click here for Private Offer page

More to come soon about the Emergency Gold Alert!


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