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Please Note:

The following text and maps are taken directly from the Ultimate Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map Guide Book that is included in this Treasure Map package. I will make some comments in blue text so that you can distinguish what is actually part of the Guide Book and what is not.

Below, you will see some samples of a special, rare, alluvial gold analysis map of Ecuador. The map shows precise alluvial gold values from surface sands and gravels. Please take a close look at those values. The information you see on this page below, allows you to go directly to the little-known sites on the map and extract whatever quantity of placer gold you would like. The sites you see on the map below are very conveniently located and are still 100% virgin!

Resource Guide


Due to overwhelming "demanding demand", I have decided to go ahead and share 95% of everything I know about:

  • Accurate alluvial gold values (grams per cubic meter) and precise locationsthroughout the entire country of Ecuador,
  • The exact secret locations of 3 huge, unknown, super-rich, ancient river channelssouth of Tena in the jungle,
  • Specific locations of most of the major hardrock gold sources in the country,
  • Locations and specific information about sunken Spanish Treasure Galleons,
  • Locations and backgrounds of important lost and buried treasures,
  • Atahualpa’s Treasure including a high resolution, full-color scan of the original, 1700’s, Atanasio Guzman’s Treasure Map to the Llanganati Treasure Site. The treasure is worth several billions of dollars. This is the best map that exists anywhere in the world.

Why I am doing this?

I’ve spent decades of research and field work in locating gold and treasure all around the beautiful little country of Ecuador. I have had far more fun and success than I ever imagined possible in discovering these secrets. My problem is that I found many more profitable sites than I could ever hope to harvest on my own, even if I had 10 lifetimes to do it!

My Conclusion is... Now it is your turn!

As you work your way through this Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map Guide Book, you will begin to appreciate the abundance of projects that I have unearthed due to the enormous amount of reference materials I have collected over the decades. You’ll soon see what I mean about the severe limits of not being able to "do it all myself".

My list of information sources and references below will bring you hundreds of hours of reading pleasure. However, this is where the boys get separated from the men (and girls from the women)! If you have purchased this one-of-a-kind information package from me for mere reading pleasure and curiosity, I think that is great. You are about to have a very good time with it.

That said, if you purchased this information package in order to take action and do something about it, this will become one of the best investments you have ever made in your life. You will now be able to take all of the short cuts and walk directly to the exact locations that are sure to guarantee your success in a new life of adventure, independence and freedom.

Please note, this adventurous lifestyle is definitely not a cakewalk! The path is full of difficulties and challenges. I don’t want to mislead you for a moment, so I will make a list of only a few of the challenges you may expect to face.

Be Prepared! ( the Boy Scout Motto )

1. You better know how to speak adequate Spanish. Count on NOBODY speaking English out in the bush. Learning the local Native languages in Ecuador is very helpful too.

2. You need to have the patience of Job (from the Old Testament). Living and working in Latin America is a dramatic change from the so-called, "First World Countries".

3. You really should already have an "auto-pilot" income or savings in place as you invest months of your time getting oriented, organized and into productivity of some sort.

4. You should have experience in dealing with people (especially Natives) in a friendly, courteous manner. You should strive to develop an increasing magnetic personality. Always be ready to give back to others for their generosity in helping you. Be a win-win oriented person.

5. You need to know how to move around in the remote bush and jungles. You should know first-aid, survival techniques, orienteering/navigation and what to wear. You need to know how to equip yourself properly without going overboard.

All of the above are only the "basics". As you progress, you will be able to work out the rest of the details on your own. Everything on the list above has been of tremendous value to me in my wide-ranging and various projects around Latin America.

Here is what

The Ultimate Ecuador Gold & Treasure Map

e-Package includes:

1. A very high resolution (300 dpi), huge, government map of alluvial gold values around the entire country of Ecuador. This is a very rare map that I have not seen available or for sale anywhere else in the world. It was created in 1983 after a decade of research, travel and direct inspection by a team of government geologists. This map has been absolutely invaluable to me over many years.

Sample of the High Resolution Map
Note the highlighted gold values from 3.72 up to 10.52 & more! 
The notation: PC-360/3.72 means: 
Sample # 360 has a surface value of 3.72 grams to the cubic meter. 
I'm pretty sure you can deduce the rest of what you are looking at here!

2. A lower resolution (72 dpi), smaller map of the above (still a big map). This map is still large enough to see a great amount of detail. It is on this map that I have marked all of the treasure and shipwreck locations, and the specific, corresponding reference material for you to study in detail.

These locations are all marked in red on the maps.

Lower Resolution Map with Red-Colored, Referenced Site Locations Marked. 
See the Guidebook below for a full explanation of each red reference code.
Map Legend of Alluvial Gold Symbol Meanings 
Note the 5 different sizes of triangles. 
These represent the surface gold values in grams per cubic meter 
as seen and classified into the 5 value categories to the right of the triangles.

As a further note, please take notice of the Napo River in the Lower Resolution Map above. It indicates (within the solid oval area) the possibility of a very large scale alluvial mining project. The gold values are relatively high and there are literally billions of cubic meters of material in this area to be worked.

Just think, this potential, multi-billion dollar, conveniently located, gold deposit is only one of many such rich areas you will see indicated on the entire alluvial gold map! Ecuador is one of the richest countries in the world. The possibilities are endless.

3. This Resource Guide provides you with all of the background information and resources you need to be able to dig more deeply into any project that interests you.

Ecuador Gold &Treasure Map
Treasure Gold Map
Gold & Treasure Map

4. Also included in this large package are three, full-sized, full-color, copies of project-relatedHack Atlas Maps:

1. Manta, 
2. Coaque, and, 
3. Santiago-Galera

Hack Map Coaque
Hack Map Manta
Hack Map Santiago Galera

These attractive maps are extremely rare and worth a literal fortune. Only a very few copies of these Hack Atlases exist in the world. Please don’t ask how I secured these copies for you. Each map is absolutely beautiful and really should be framed and hung on your wall at home or in your office.

Interestingly, on page 25 of the book, "Women Can Find Shipwrecks Too", you can read how Margaret Brandeis paid Robert Marx $5,000 for the Manta Hack Atlas Map alone!

The Ultimate Ecuador

Gold & Treasure Map Resources

Below, you will see a reference code marked in red. You will also see corresponding numbers associated with each reference code. These codes and numbers can be found marked on the Lower Resolution Map included in this package. With a little research and preparation, you should be able to walk (hike or stumble) right up to most of the sites mentioned below.

I am extremely familiar with each of these stories and legends. I have visited most of the sites myself. In other cases I have interviewed people who were directly involved with these projects.

BA = Beyond the Andes by Pino Turolla

Pino is one of my heroes. I regret never having been able to meet him personally before he passed away. His wife, Renee was kind enough to spend a long day with me filling me in on many details of his life. I was also able to track down his assistant "Oswaldo" in Cuenca and visit with him several times over the years.

Oswaldo (Mishu is his real name) filled me in on many of the details that were not included in the book. This book has been one of the greatest exploration inspirations of my life. Once you open it, you won’t be able to put it down. I have marked on the map where Pino and Oswaldo encountered a family of Bigfoot (El Mono Grande is the South American name) living in a remote cave. Pino also gives an interesting report on his meeting with and opinion of the famous, late, Padre Crespi.

1. El Mono Grande Cave Site

2. Padre Crespi Collection – see my FREE "Ancient Gold Library" for details.

GG = Gold of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken

Although full of deceptions, this book is still a great inspiration of adventure in Ecuador. Von Daniken relates a lot of information about Juan Moricz and the Tayos Cave. This was the book that motivated me to go meet and interview Juan Moricz in Guayaquil. I’m glad I did so as he passed away three weeks later. Be sure to pay close attention to the Father Crespistory as well.

1. Tayos Cave

GTS = The Gold Treasure of Sig Sig by Marshall H. Saville

Read the entire book. Amazing quantities of sophisticated gold artifacts have been recovered in the Chordeleg – Sig Sig general area. These artifacts are directly connected to the advanced Chimu culture in the northern, coastal desert of Peru. Much more remains to be explored and discovered here. This is one of my favorite potential areas of Ecuador to retire and settle permanently.

1. Discovery area between Chordeleg and Sig Sig

IG = Inca Gold by Jane Dollinger

This is one of my very favorite books of all time. You need to study and constantly reread every single chapter in this book. The book is entirely 100% factual and can lead you to several different multi-million dollar projects.

1. Chapter 4 – The Treasure of Sangay

2. Chapter 5 – Atahualpa’s Treasure in the Llanganati Mountains

3. Chapter 6 – Stuart Connelly’s Lost Emerald Mine

This list of sites and projects continues on for many more pages in the

Guide Book.



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