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We’re back together today to look at my biggest and best Secret Weapon for Detecting Gold Coins & Jewelry in Virgin, Unique & Forgotten Sites. Of course, to get all of the exact, step-by-step details on how to do this, you should buy my (temporarily inexpensive) course (please click the link).

Remember, last time we talked a little about searching digital, historical newspaper archives. That is a very powerful method to use once you get a little practice with it. The newspaper method also fits well with what we will discuss today.

My secret for unlocking the ability to find virgin ground for your metal detector is the use of historical map overlays. The internet has many great historical map sites.

The big key here is to locate a historical map of your target area that shows individual houses and properties, especially from 1910 – 1964.

  • 1
    Locate various historical maps of your target area.
  • 2
    Pay particular attention to the periods between 1910 & 1964
  • 3
    Use maps scaled to show individual houses and properties.
  • 4
    Digitize the map if it isn’t yet digital.
  • 5
    Overlay the historical map on Google Earth.
  • 6
    Geo-orient the map using the tricks mentioned in the course.
  • 7
    The more precise the geo-orientation, the better.
  • 8
    OPTIONAL - Upload the geo-oriented historical map to a GPS that allows map uploading. My favorite GPS brand is the Garmin Montana.
  • 9
    Find and search sites of old houses (that still exist – OR NOT) where you can dig freely or with landowner permission.
  • 10
    Find and search other significant historical sites such as parks, beaches, events, gatherings, etc.

That’s the method in a nutshell.

I know only a handful of treasure hunters who apply this method. They make a small fortune with their metal detectors. They are almost always working in productive ground where no other detectors have been.

You can also apply this method to discovering lost citiesghost towns, and a whole lot of other amazing, historical places. The list goes on with a little creativity.

See you back soon for a new topic of discussion,


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