Detect Gold Jewelry and Coins

Detect Gold Jewelry and Coins


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Today, I am assuming that you are already a Treasure Hunter. If not, the information on this page may not be of much interest to you.

I am further assuming that you already have a metal detector, know how to tune it in various ground conditions and that you know how to create & properly search a grid pattern.

Detect Gold Jewelry and Coins

OK, if this sounds like you so far, please keep reading. I have some game-changing secrets to share with you.

me with my first metal detector (just kidding) :-)

I started metal detecting for valuables when I was only 12 years old, in 1966. I bought a HeathKit metal detector kit and couldn’t wait to get started. During my first day of detecting (with no previous experience),

heathkit metal detecting

heathkit metal detecting

I found nearly a dozen, silver (pre-1964) coins and a small, gold and diamond engagement ring. And this was in a relatively new neighborhood.

silver coins

Those were the days!

I was the first person in my city to even have a metal detector. Every place I searched was virgin and produced tons of great “treasure”. Within weeks, I had a huge coin collection with some pretty valuable coins. I also had found a number of gold rings.

One Huge Problem…

I have been actively metal detecting, off and on, for more than 50 years. There has only been ONE HUGE PROBLEM as the years have passed. That one big problem is that treasure hunters have already searched and cleaned out all of the good places. It used to be so easy to find valuable treasures, and now it is nearly impossible.

Or, I should say, it used to be nearly impossible until I recently discovered a couple of new tricks. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. These new tricks are related to technology. However, the tricks are relatively simple and easy to implement.

money silver coins

money silver coins

The Huge Solution…

Once I started applying my new solution, everything changed. I was able to return to the good old days when all I ever searched was virgin ground. I am back in virgin ground again and finding all of the same types of treasures as I did when I first began.

old treasure map

this is not just any ordinary historical map

This is like entering into a time machine. The only difference now is that gold and silver are worth a whole lot more than before. What used to be small treasures are now big treasures. It doesn’t take many gold rings to add up to an ounce.

In my next message, I'll get right into more details of the solutions I have recently discovered...