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Learn to Find 1/2 oz. of Ancient River Gold Daily

10 Lessons Intermediate

About this Course

Are you already a gold prospector? Would you like to enter the major league of alluvial gold mining?

Whether you work alone with a metal detector, or you prefer to move in with heavy equipment and a large wash plant, this course reveals where the big gold is and how to get it.

The big secret here is that the largest gold nuggets are in the ancient, gold-bearing river channels. You can find them from Alaska to Chile and in other continents as well, such as Australia and Africa.

One very small gold nugget pays for this course. The rest of your nuggets are for your adventurous lifestyle and your solid retirement.

Use my proprietary Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ to help you make all of the right moves to success.

Course Structure

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A Brief Introduction

It is a pleasure to have you here in our private Ancient Gold Group. Our main purpose is for you to learn how to find more and bigger gold than ever before. In other words, you need to be able to take this training experience and turn it into real, quantifiable results in the field.

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Module 1 – Introduction & Welcome

Introduction & Welcome

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Module 2 – Stan’s Brief Bio

Stan's Brief Bio

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Module 3 – What Is “Ancient Gold”?

What is "Ancient Gold"?

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Module 4 – Where Do I Find "Ancient Gold"?

Where Do I Find "Ancient Gold"?

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Module 5 – How Do I Find "Ancient Gold" in the Field?

How Do I Find "Ancient Gold" in the Field?

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Module 6 – How Do I Recover “Ancient Gold”?

How Do I Recover "Ancient Gold"?

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Module 7 – What Do I Do With “Ancient Gold” Nuggets?

What Do I Do With "Ancient Gold" Nuggets?

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Module 8 – Next Steps: Where Do I Go From Here?

Next Steps: Where Do I Go From Here?