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Discover how to become a Pro Treasure Hunter in 3 months. Do it faster if you already have some experience.

Become free and independent as you recover bigger and more valuable treasures each week and month.

Equipped with my secret tips, methods and shortcut strategies, you’re sure to begin having unusual success almost immediately.

I’ve also included my proprietary Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ for Treasure Hunters to help ensure your success.

I bought my first metal detector in 1966 and have been going strong ever since.

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Hi, I'm Stan. Welcome to my newly updated Treasure Hunting course. I began selling this course on the internet more than 20 years ago.

I am proud to say that I remain in contact with many of my most successful students who have gone on to become successful Treasure Hunters, normally earning well in excess of $100,000 per year with their recoveries and sales. 

If this sort of lifestyle interests you, you're in the right place!

Stan’s Welcome & Introduction to the Course

Hi, I'm Stan. I welcome you to my freshly updated Treasure Hunting course.  In this course you'll find everything you need to become successful and independent within a few short months.

However, as in any other profession, you must work hard to become a true expert. Often, in the beginning, the work may seem a bit tedious, but once you learn the ropes, you can become quite wealthy while having a lot of fun.

Now, that is my kind of lifestyle!

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Vital Background Knowledge and Case Studies

This module is where we really dig in and get started. Let's go over the details of metal detecting, tuning, researching and digging.

Our major goal is always = RECOVERY!

You'll also read some key case histories of hunters who found some very valuable treasures. Read carefully because these true stories reveal many good treasure hunting secrets.

There Are Four Types of Professional Treasure Hunters

Discover the truth about how Treasure Hunters can be classified into four different categories. Just how serious are you? You can treat Treasure Hunting as a very serious hobby, or you can go full-time once you're ready.

Specialize in Land-Based Treasures: Metal Detecting

Most Treasure Hunters I know feel more comfortable on land than in the water. This module explains about the different types of land-based treasure projects you can pursue and recover.  

Beginner Metal Detecting Tips

Depending on your level of experience, this lesson may be a good refresher, or you may learn some very important tips and shortcuts to success.

Construction Site Treasure

It's extremely important to recognize where digging or excavations are beginning to take place. I once came across a place where the sidewalks were being replaced in an old neighborhood. I had my detector in the car with me. Within a half-hour, I was able to recover about 25 old coins, none newer than 1938. Excavation sites can be worth pure gold.

Finds After Sunset?

A good detector is very sensitive to electrical interference in many cases. Detecting at different times of day will produce different results right in the same location. At night, electrical activity is usually reduced and you can finely tune your detector to be more sensitive to find deeper treasure. Weather conditions matter too.

Rental Adventures

There are a number of ways to make money with a metal detector. I once owned a store selling several brands of detectors. I always kept 2 detectors to use as rentals. Sometimes, I was hired to find specific lost jewelry. I was paid a basic hourly fee + an incentive bonus if I made a successful recovery. I also taught half day courses for small groups. I think you'll enjoy this case story. It reveals a huge "tuning"  secret that will automatically multiply your results.

Caches and Historic Treasures

This type of Treasure Hunting usually requires a lot of research and painstaking efforts. You may go on for months (or even years) without success. However, when you make your first cache discovery, you'll be addicted. This is one of the most profitable forms of Treasure Hunting that I have seen. 

Gold Coin Cache Find

This case history reveals some great tips and little-known secrets for recovering caches of gold coins. There are thousands of them out there just waiting for you to come along. 

Blocker’s Pond

This case history holds many valuable details and secrets. Proper historical research always ends up being the foundation of significant gold recoveries in the field.

Water-Based Treasure

I got certified as an open water diver when I was 16 years old. I began diving in the lakes of Michigan whenever I had the extra time. I never came home empty handed. I was always amazed at the different kinds of valuables I could find with and without a metal detector. I always focused on the designated swim areas out under the marker buoys in about 15 feet of water.

Ocean Beaches

This lesson reveals one of my very best secrets for finding serious quantities of lost gold jewelry every day! This is one of the most fun and productive ways to find lost gold that I can imagine. Read about my results and about the people who revealed the secret to me. At today's gold prices, I could become a millionaire in 2 years while living on the beach.

Underwater and Sunken Treasure

Sunken treasure is the game of serious professionals. Many of these types of projects require financing due to operating and equipment costs. However, when you do locate the "mother-lode," investors are eager to know more about the opportunity. Technology is superior and less expensive than ever before. There are thousands of virgin galleon wrecks all over the world. Always check local laws before proceeding too far.

Professional Services

Once in a while I receive requests to help people and companies to find and recover specific gold targets. My last 3 contracts have paid off enormously well. One of my contracts was in Brazil. The other 2 were in Ecuador. You can do this anywhere in the world if you specialize in it and know more than anyone else about the geology, history and access points.   

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Use a Drone to Find More Treasure

A Drone can help you save a lot of time in locating historical and virgin ground to hunt. It will give you a whole new perspective of the lay of the land. You can multiply your daily earnings dramatically with this tool!

How Treasure Hunters Use Drone Technology to Hunt for Buried Treasure

If you ask anyone what they think about treasure hunting, the image of a man with a metal detector will immediately pop in their mind. For so many years, it was the go-to method of any treasure hunter hoping to find a huge loot.

However, we live in more modern times now, and enthusiasts are using more and more technology to help them locate the buried and hidden treasure easier, faster, and with better precision.

How PrecisionHawk Helped the History Network’s Hunt for Buried Treasure in Philippine Jungles

With permission, WRAL TechWire has republished a blog post about the company’s recent LiDAR work in the History network’s current series, Lost Gold of World War II, which airs soon. LiDAR is defined as Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth, according to NOAA.

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Frequent FAQs for Treasure Hunters

You may be wondering what the most important challenges are in order to become a full-time pro Treasure Hunter. Here are the most commonly asked and important questions for people who want to break into this great profession.

Just let me know if you have any new questions in the "Comment" box below.

Most Requested FAQ’s for Treasure Hunters – 1 of 3

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Metal Detecting, and also Metal Detector Choices

Metal Detector Operation – 2 of 3

You only need 2 things to become wealthy with a metal detector. First, learn your detector through study and experience. Learn to tune it perfectly in all conditions. The second thing is the ability for you to get your search coil near enough to a piece of gold. With this 2-step combo, you'll become a pro fast.

Metal Detector Headphones – 3 of 3

Headphones give you the ability to hear the smallest of signals. They block out background noises and literally put the speaker right up to your ear. You'll recover deeper, older and more valuable treasure using the headphones. No pro would ever work without them.

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Stan’s Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ for Treasure Hunters

Follow these blueprint steps carefully. Success will come quickly. Please allow me to explain further...

I have spent 50+ years trying, testing and experimenting with every possible technique, method, strategy, technology and idea that I could find for Treasure Hunting.

For the past 20 years, I have recovered enough "treasure" and have enjoyed plenty of success to be able to live and travel comfortably while pursuing my projects in the field in various countries.

If you work daily on my checklists below, you will become successful enough to make your own independent and very comfortable living within months, NOT YEARS!

Please post your questions and comments below so I can help you with anything related to this 2-page checklist of things to do.

Stan’s Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ – part 1 of 2

Stan’s Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ – part 1 of 2

Stan’s Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ – part 2 of 2

Stan’s Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ – part 2 of 2

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Mega Resource Guide for Treasure Hunters

This Mega Resource Guide provides you with links to hundreds of websites that allow you to research any specific aspect of Treasure Hunting that interests you most.

If you have any questions or comments, please submit them at the bottom of this page. I'm always here to help you. And if I don't have a good answer, I know how to get it fast.

Here are your links to start from……

This Mega Resource Guide provides many hundreds of links about Treasure Hunting. You will become an expert pro in a very short time using this Guide regularly.

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Course Conclusion

I hope you have enjoyed this course. More importantly, I hope you are already finding better treasures than ever before. Once you begin using my secret tips, your results should improve dramatically.

Send me some comments or questions in the "Comment" box below if I can help you bump your results up to the next level.

Course Conclusion

Here are a few last words of wisdom to help get you going as fast as possible. Remember to post all of your questions and comments at the bottom of any of the pages in the course.