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About this Course

This course reveals all of my own favorite secrets and shortcuts to becoming a very successful, full-time Explorer.

Enjoy the freedom and independence of being your own boss in the great outdoors.

Our definition of an Explorer is someone who knows when and where to go to recover the valuable, natural treasures of Mother Earth.

These types of valuable treasures include things like popular collectible fossils, dinosaur bones, antlers, colored ammonites, amber, petrified wood, trilobites, megalodon shark’s teeth, meteorites, gemstones, and more.

I know a lot of people who do this professionally and the hardest workers make more than $100k per year each. Many of them have their own secret areas that produce renewable, natural treasures each year.

To help make sure that you take all the right steps, I have included a copy of my unique Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ for the Wealthy Explorer.  I’ll explain the details inside the course.

Course Structure

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Welcome to the Course

Planet Earth is chock-full of amazing natural elements and materials. From platinum and gold to saffron and coca leaves, there's no shortage of valuable (and sometimes illegal) substances available to prospective buyers.

Nevertheless, those in high demand tend to cost a pretty penny for people interested in acquiring them. While you might assume that the most expensive among them would be a precious jewel or diamond, that isn't necessarily the case…

Stan’s Welcome and Introduction to the Course

I thank you for  purchasing this course. This is a great business model and offers so many options for recovering valuable collectibles directly from Mother Nature. You can do this anywhere in the world.

Some specialists have become millionaires by zeroing in on the right rare items. Once you find a secret, abundant source of valuable materials, you can be set for life.

I want to make sure that you succeed in a big way. Please feel free to ask questions, make comments and share your experiences in our Comment Box at the bottom of each page. I can usually respond to these within 48 hours or so. The more we all share, the more we all learn.

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Vital Background Knowledge and Case Studies

This module goes over the details of finding and recovering Mother Nature's treasures. You'll also read some case histories of outdoorsmen who found some very valuable collectibles over the years. Read carefully because many good collectibles secrets are revealed here. 

Be a Solo Adventurer (or bring the group)

You can conduct this business all by yourself if you're comfortable in the woods and wilderness. However, it's more fun to go with a friend or small group. Sometimes, you can be more successful in a small group where people can spread out and cover a larger area.

That said, I love being out there all by myself.

OK, let's talk about some of the treasures you may want to search for and recover. Remember, this is a list to get you started. There are many dozens of other treasures that you will likely encounter in the field. Don't even get me started on the mushroom business.

The main objective is to live adventurously, have a great time and make lots of money in the process...

Petrified Wood

I have been fascinated with petrified wood my whole life. There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors and types of petrified wood. Collectors seem to love them all. It wasn't until I was about 30 years old that I realized that collectors pay large sums of money for it.

Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur bones are far more common that most people realize. Over the years I have discovered unknown dinosaur beds and bones in Alberta, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Argentina, and in three different parts of Ecuador. They can be found in thousands of locations around the world.

Have you ever researched the dinosaur bone market? Did you know that individual bones sell for $300 to $3,000? Take a look at the eBay market for an idea on prices.

Dig Dem Bones

"FIND ME a shark's tooth," Peter Kranz told his daughter. While the paleontologist continued to tell us about the geology of the cliffs around us, his third-grader studied sand at Bayfront Park near Chesapeake, MD. She sifted through the fossilized shells and rocks to come up with a half-inch-long tiger shark's tooth.


After we arrived at the site, my professor gave us an orientation about the history, geology, etc. of the area. Then we began exploring the area, cracking open pieces of shale with our geology picks. We found trilobite fossils in nearly every piece that we opened. I was amazed at the abundance of fossils that we found. Most of the trilobites we found were rather small, about a half inch long or so. But some of them were two or three inches long.

Interview With Master Fossil Hunter, Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton found his first fossil as a boy along a newly built road in Issaquah — a 30 million-year-old snail that he still keeps on his mantelpiece.

Since then, Matt Heaton developed a lifelong passion for collecting fossils, taking trips around the country searching for his newest finds.


Years back, while living in Calgary, Alberta, I was introduced to a gentleman who had made an important discovery of ammonite fossils in the southern part of the province. He told me this was important because ammonite fossils have an amazing, unique color, and had been officially declared a precious gemstone, sharing the limelight with emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Finding and Finishing Ammonites

Hmmm, heavy....reminds me of a time when I was loaded down with a heavy pack full of ammonite, walking on a game trail at the bottom of a coulee on the way back to my truck. I came around a corner, with my head down… of course, (typical rockhounding syndrome) and came face to face with a huge whitetail buck!

From Raw to Gem Ammonite

Once I get my ammonites home, it’s time to clean them and see what I have. This can involve anything from muriatic acid baths — remember AAA, Always Add Acid ... never add water to acid — to a simple cleaning with a brush and water.

Some ammonite has a thin film of white, or unformed, calcite on top of the gem. This is when acid is used in dilute amounts to clean it off. If it's too filmy, it usually extends down through the shell and makes it rather useless for gem quality pieces. Although with acid, the colors are still there.

Shark’s Teeth

While living in Miami, Florida a number of years ago, I began seeing fossil sharks’ teeth for sale in various tourist shops. I saw that the small ones were selling for a few dollars each. But I really took notice of the big ones carrying price tags of $200 to $600 each! These 3" to 6" fossil teeth are from a species that is supposed to be extinct, called the Megalodon. However, after watching the “Jaws” movies and the recent Megalodon movies, I am convinced that a few of them are still around somewhere. 


Robert Haag became a multi-millionaire within a few short years by chasing meteorites. Many meteorites are detectable with an ordinary metal detector. This is one profession to seriously consider, no matter where you live. Here are some great tips on how to get started as a collector and/or dealer.

More Mind Blowing Info About Meteorites

The meteorite business is one of my most favorite business models. I have a good friend in Germany who discovered a meteorite field. The average weight he finds is around 15 lb.

They are mostly found at a depth of 1 meter. He uses the top of the line Minelab detector to find them. He averages recovering 2 or 3 per day when he visits his secret area. He sends me the photos, but has sworn me to secrecy on the details.

He is now financially independent and only visits his site 2 or 3 times per year.

Amber Is Valuable Around the World

The word amber can have many associations. It's not a mineral but is used as and called a semiprecious stone. The oldest and most continuous use of it, in fact, is for adornment.

Antlers Are Worth a Small Fortune

Antlers are worth a lot of bucks!

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Use a Drone to Discover Your Target Treasures Much Faster

A drone can help you to scope out the lay of the land faster than any other tool. This can help you to double or triple your natural treasure recovery rate. The small investment will pay for itself quickly and make your work much easier.

Lost Civilizations, Found by Drones

Equipped with high-tech sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles can help archaeologists discover remnants of ancient societies.

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Most Requested FAQs for Pro Explorers

The most common questions that we get about this course are:

1. Exactly what are the best and most valuable of Mother Nature's treasures to find, and,

2. Where can they to be found?

Much depends on where you live or where your target area is.

It starts with in-depth research. Where is your target area and what treasures are you specifically searching for? What has already been found and recovered in your target area?

Let this course answer your questions and make it easier for you to become independent and wealthy in this fun and profitable business.

FAQ’s for Pro Explorers

Over the decades, I have received thousands of questions about the best ways of earning a substantial income from recovering naturally formed valuable items found in remote or semi-remote areas.

Here is a collection of some of the most common question about where to go and how to search. Please feel free to send me a request in the "Comments" box below, if you have a question that you do not see answered here.

More FAQ’s for Pro Explorers

Yes, we have even more FAQs for you to learn from.

Top Spots to Find Some of Mother Nature’s Treasures

The most common questions that we get about this course are exactly where to find Mother Nature's Treasures.

It starts with in-depth research. Where is your target area and what treasures are you specifically searching for? What has already been found and recovered in your target area?

Once your research is fairly complete, you must go and put personal, "boots on the ground". It is "exploration time" of your target areas.

These different types of "treasure laden" sites exist everywhere in the world.

We have also included a full page of photos and descriptions to help you see places where people are currently recovering valuable collectibles from Mother Nature. These are just a few places.

Needless to say, this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more.

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Stan’s Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ for the Wealthy Explorer

Follow these blueprint steps carefully. Success will come quickly. Please allow me to explain further...

I have spent 50+ years trying, testing and experimenting with every possible technique, method, strategy, technology and idea that I could find for discovering and recovering natural and valuable collectibles that Mother Nature had already placed on the ground.

For the past 20 years, I have recovered plenty of these valuable collectibles. I have sold some and kept a bunch for my own little museum. Some of my friends are 10X better than me at this. I have revealed a few of their secrets in this course too.

If you work daily on my multiple checklists below, you will become successful enough to make your own independent and very comfortable living within months, NOT YEARS!

Customize these checklists to your own needs. Not everyone needs absolutely everything you'll see.

Please post your questions and comments below so I can help you with anything related to any or all of these checklists of things to do and take with you. Beware, there's a ton of info in these lists.

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 1 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 1 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 2 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 2 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 3 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 3 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 4 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 4 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 5 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 5 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 6 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 6 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 7 of 7

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 7 of 7

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3 Mega Resource Guides for the Wealthy Explorer

This Triple Mega Resource Guide Package provides you with links to hundreds of websites that allow you to research any aspect that interests you most about being a Pro Explorer.

In the next 3 pages you'll have access to specific links that deal especially with valuable fossils, gems and antlers. There's no limit to what you may discover that other people are willing to pay big bucks for.

If you have any questions or comments, please submit them at the bottom of this page. I am always here to help you. And if I don't have a good answer, I know how to get them fast.

Mega Resource Guide for the Wealthy Explorer part 1 of 3

Mega Resource Guide for the Wealthy Explorer part 1 of 3

Mega Resource Guide for the Wealthy Explorer part 2 of 3

Mega Resource Guide for the Wealthy Explorer part 2 of 3

Mega Resource Guide for the Wealthy Explorer part 3 of 3

Mega Resource Guide for the Wealthy Explorer part 3 of 3

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Course Conclusion

The techniques, methods and strategies discussed in this course can make you independent and financially wealthy. 

I have 2 locations in the world where I have discovered entire petrified tree forests. They are there if I need them.

I know where to go to pick up colored ammonites eroding out of the landslided hills everywhere.

I know of three rivers, not far from Cuenca (my home), where I can sluice several grams of gold daily.

I know of where two remote haciendas sit that have never been metal detected before.

I've found antlers almost everywhere I go in the mountains.

This is a very abundant world. If you train your eyes and your attention, you'll begin to discover your own private places where you can return and cash in whenever you feel the desire.

If you need help finding your own private sources of valuable goodies, please ask in the "Comments" box at the bottom of this page.

Course Conclusion

Here are a few last words of wisdom to help get you going as fast as possible. Remember to post all of your questions and comments at the bottom of any of the pages in the course.