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Discover The Secrets of Wealthy Adventurers – Know How to Find Lost Cities & Explore Mysterious Sites within 3 Months. 

There is also now a type of Adventurer who explores Curious Abandoned Properties from past years. They are earning a fortune each month by publishing their videos on YouTube.

You can start close to home and then progress as far as you like, You can even do this world-wide.

Most importantly, learn how to turn your most interesting discoveries into cash through writing, photography, videos, public speaking and other secret monetization strategies .

A lot of people, including myself, combine the earning opportunities of being a Treasure Hunter, Gold Prospector, Explorer, Adventurer and Digital Nomad…. all at the same time. That is a personal decision that you can make for yourself.

To help keep you on track for success, I have included my one-of-a-kind Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ for Wealthy Adventures.

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Course Introduction

Hi, I'm Stan. I welcome you to my newly updated Wealthy Adventurer Pro course. In this course I teach you how to discover ancient, unique, interesting and virgin sites (locations), both near your home and around the world.

Importantly, we discuss the best ways to monitize your discoveries through writing, blogging, photography, videos, public speaking, leading adventure tours, etc.

Important tools of the trade are cameras, travel gear and anything else that allows you to properly document and prove to the world what you have discovered.

Stan’s Welcome & Introduction to the Course

Hi, I'm Stan. I welcome you to my newly updated Wealthy Adventurer course.  In this course you'll find everything you need to become successful. However, you must work at this profession diligently. It is not usually easy work, but once you do learn the ropes, you can become quite wealthy.

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Vital Background Knowledge & Case Studies

This Module is the main meat of the course. We'll discuss all types of environments around the world and how they are currently being explored. We'll share some good case studies.

Almost daily in the world, lost cities, unexplained anomolies and mysterious sites are being discovered. Many of these sites hold important secrets from the past and some hold secrets of current mysterious activities that are going on, unknown to the public at large.

We'll give you plenty of ideas of how and where you can get started in becoming a Professional Adventurer.  

Be a Professional Adventurer

In this course I will show you how to discover sites that are usually hidden from the sight of the public. I have seen numerous modern cities that are built right on top of ancient cities and very few people even know.

There are literally thousands of forgotten and unknown Ghost Towns both near and far from modern cities. I'll show you how to find them.

There are very mysterious sites that were obviously created by someone or some thing, but modern scientists do not have a clue what they are.

All of this makes for fascinating content that everyone wants to know more about. We'll talk about some of the most profitable ways to reveal and share your unique content.

Lost Cities

I’m often asked, “Are there many lost cities left out there in our modern day and age of jet air travel, satellites and high technology?” My answer is always the same...

“There are literally thousands of lost cities (significantly populated sites) left to discover. These sites have lain dormant and unknown for hundreds to thousands of years.

I have discovered and visited more than two dozen virgin lost cities. If properly motivated, I could discover and visit a new lost city every month. The vast majority of these sites are completely virgin and unexcavated. Often, local Natives are aware of the sites but don’t attribute any great importance to them. 

Ancient Mysteries

There are thousands of ancient mysteries to be investigated. Dozens of books have been written about ancient mysteries found all over the world. The documentation of an investigation into almost any ancient mystery is irresistible content for magazines, public lectures and web sites. This content is gold itself.

With a bit of research, you can discover numerous ancient mysteries right in your own backyard. This is one of the best ways to break into the exploration business. You can begin with local explorations and then work your way up to more distant locations. The local media are always starving for these types of stories. They can be used as free publicity for your ventures.

Ica Stones of Peru

If the stones are a hoax, I have some overriding questions: Why would anyone go to the trouble of years of labor carving pictures in stone and then burying them..., some many decades ago? Where is the profit angle? How would they do it? How could anyone without very recent knowledge, know how the world looked from the skies some 13,000,000 years ago? I have been looking for answers, without success. I welcome opinions. 

Anomalous Archaeology

What is anomalous archaeology? Anomalous archaeology is ancient out-of-place artifacts (Ooparts) and remains.

 Traditional archaeology believes that ancient civilizations were isolated and didn’t have communication between continents. It also believes that humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) sprung up a relatively short time ago in the big picture. I disagree.

I think that advanced cultures have existed on this earth over and over again for many millions of years. I believe that certain catastrophic events have periodically caused the vast majority of these cultures to be wiped out, only to rise up again eventually out of the ashes.

A Controversial Episode in 19th-Century Archaeology

My theoretical approach to archaeology is informed by the Puranas, the historical writings of ancient India, which posit a human presence extending much further back in time than most archaeologists today are prepared to accept (Cremo, 1999).

Therefore I was intrigued when I learned of some anomalously old stone tools discovered by Carlos Ribeiro, a Portuguese geologist of the 19th century.

Robeiro is Vindicated

A century later, things have changed somewhat. Africa is now generally recognized as the place where hominids first arose. For some time, the earliest tools were thought to date back only to the Early Pleistocene. But in recent years, archaeologists are once more pushing the onset of stone toolmaking well into the Tertiary Period of time.

Oldowan tools have been found in the Pliocene at Gona, Ethiopia. The tools, found in large numbers and described as surprisingly sophisticated, are about 2.5-2.6 million years old. Therefore, we should expect to find stone tools going back even further into the Tertiary Period.

Conventional Candidates for the Tertiary Toolmakers

Conventional candidates for the Tertiary toolmakers include the earliest Homo or one of the australopithecines. But there are other possibilities. Footprints described as anatomically modern occur in Pliocene volcanic ash, 3.7 million years old, at Laetoli, Tanzania. There is even evidence putting toolmakers close to the Iberian Peninsula, in Morocco, in the Late Tertiary. At the Ben Souda quarry near Fez, stone tools were found in place in the Saissian formation which had long been considered Pliocene.

Yes, it is true, much of what my generation was taught in College about history, paleontology and archaeology was just plain wrong. We are not yet close to understanding our true history. 


You can make a fortune by documenting the existence of a new,  previously undocumented animal. I’ve even seen several different undocumented animals myself in the jungles of Mato Grasso, Brazil, in the late 70's. This is a much more common phenomenon than you may have believed. Just check out some of the photos below for new animals that have been discovered in the last century.

El Mono Grande (South America's Bigfoot) has still not been officially documented. I have spoken with several natives in 3 different countries that have seen one!

Ancient Tunnel Systems

These are the ingredients of the great mystery connected to a network of subterranean tunnels allegedly existing beneath the valleys and plateaus of South America. Enigmatic stories about these mysterious tunnels sound like something out of Arabian nights. The riddle goes back to the days of the Spanish conquest. Old chroniclers and cleric writers reported on tunnels and subterranean passages beneath many of the old cities and ancient ruins. 

The Dulce, New Mexico Base

An underground military base/laboratory in Dulce, New Mexico, connects with the underground network of tunnels that honeycombs our planet. The lower levels of this base are allegedly under the control of Inner Earth beings or aliens. This base is connected to Los Alamos research facilities via an underground “tube-shuttle.” 

Kentucky Mammoth Cave, in South-Central Kentucky

The Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain. Hopi legends say that this mountain is one of the thirteen homes of the Lizard People, Reptoids.

Native American Indian tribes of California claim that Mount Shasta is the inner-mountain dwelling place of an invisible race of men.

Marine Environments

Scuba divers conducting a routine search beneath the emerald-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico about forty miles west of Key West, scanned their metal detectors over what appeared to be a large mound of coral. The detectors screamed loudly.

The pile turned out to be a mix of ballast rocks, pieces-of-eight and ingots of silver as big as loaves of bread. 

The “mother lode” discovered that day turned out to be one of the biggest caches of sunken treasure ever found — a fortune in silver, gold and emeralds carried by the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha, which sunk in a hurricane in 1622. The value of the treasure she carried was initially calculated at $400 million, but this estimate has recently been greatly increased. 

Desert Environments

Here is a great desert expedition business plan from a non-profit corporation. It will give you an accurate idea of how a desert archaeological project can be put together. This project obviously has an academic and intellectual flavor. 

Charitable organization are a great way for you to fund your passions with donations from like-minded, adventurous people that are wealthy. Their donations to you are tax deductible for them. There is much to be learned from this document

Archaeology in Central Eurasia

Around one hundred years ago, a motley crew of dauntless explorers and adventurers invaded western China in search of wealth and fame. Hailing from western Europe, America, Russia, and Japan, they roamed the Tarim Basin, one of the richest archaeological treasure-troves of Central Eurasia, in a hotly contested race to acquire the best artifacts for museums and collectors back home.

China’s last imperial dynasty was in its death throes, and paid little heed to the tons of priceless national treasures that steamed out of its ports along with departing foreign expeditions. In Europe, the archaeologist-explorers were toasted as heroes, but in China their plundering is still vilified as one of the most shameless raids of all time. By the mid-1920s the Chinese had had enough, and slammed the door on further exploration. 

Methods and Techniques

The Archaeologist’s Toolkit...  The last century has seen steady advances in archaeological technology. Previously mysterious scripts have been deciphered, allowing scholars to search ancient texts for new historical clues. Refinements in stratigraphy (analysis of layers of rock and sediment) now allow archaeologists to date sites and artifacts with much greater accuracy. Radio-carbon and potassium argon dating allow ethnobotanists to analyze microscopic remains, evidence that archaeologists of an earlier era could scarcely have imagined. 

This dramatic technical progress over the last few decades has transformed the field of archaeology. A true revolution, however, has come with the application of technologies that let us to look at the big picture: the earth itself. 

Mountainous Environments

Here is a news story that I love. It has really inspired me lately. It perfectly proves my point about how many lost cities are still out there. And check out the technology that was used to pinpoint the city. Finding lost cities is just a great profession!

Lost City Near Machu Picchu Found
Sunday, November 9, 2003

An international team of explorers have found an Incan city lost for centuries in the Peruvian jungles despite being within sight of the key religious center at Machu Picchu.

Jungle Environments

Please read the story of this expedition in search of the lost city of Paititi. It is a great example of a serious jungle expedition. The lost city of Paititi has been of great interest to me for many years. It is still undiscovered and waiting for the right explorer to come along! This discovery alone would make you rich, if you handled it properly with the media, etc. 

In the middle of the night a torrential rain started

I could go on and on telling you about this nightmare hike where Darwin even felt the nausea of a ant’s bite that has the same type of venom as the cobra. But to make the story short we eventually made it to the river with many bruises and wounds and totally exhausted. After we have traveled for two more days through the Machiguenga trails, not much better than the bear trail, we arrived to the place where Goyo, the medicine man, was living.

How to Raise an Adventurer

All of my kids turned out somewhat adventurous. They have all traveled to many countries around the world. I never consciously created a specific training program for them. I think they all picked up living adventurously through family osmosis.

Whether your child is destined to climb mountains or the corporate ladder, here’s how Jimmy Chin, who has skied Mount Everest and summited Mount Meru, is approaching the challenge.

Walter Raleigh’s Bloody Quest for El Dorado

I love the stories of exploration and discovery made by Raleigh during his life. So, we have dedicated the next few lessons to discussing some of his amazing adventures...


Not many people have the distinction of putting a nonexistent place on the map, but Sir Walter Raleigh was one of them. That place was El Dorado, a legendary city of gold that was said to be located in what is now Venezuela.

But calling it a city is too precise. To the conquistadors searching for it, El Dorado was at different times a city, a kingdom or an empire; later, the search for it morphed into the search for a mine.

How Raleigh learned of El Dorado

Raleigh likely first learned of El Dorado in the early autumn of 1586, almost certainly from a Spanish conquistador named Don Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, who had been captured by Raleigh's privateers in August of that year while returning home across the Atlantic. With 30 years of experience in the New World behind him, Sarmiento was a seasoned explorer.

The quest for an elusive prize

In 1594, Raleigh sent one of his men, Jacob Whiddon, on a reconnaissance mission to the coast around Trinidad and the Orinoco delta, which covers some 16,000 square miles (41,400 square kilometers). The following year, he raised the enormous sum of 60,000 pounds sterling (equivalent to over $13 million today) to finance the grand expedition to South America he was planning. The fleet was originally intended to be eight ships strong, but Raleigh was impatient and he left Plymouth with four ships and around 250 men on Feb. 6, 1595.

The prison years

Raleigh remained convinced that there were riches to be found in the South American region, his faith now fired in the crucible of experience. A mere four months after his return to London, he sent one of his most loyal men, Lawrence Keymis, to scout out the gold mine of which Putijma had spoken. But the Spanish had already established a fort-town named San Thomé at Morequito.

New gold dream

Raleigh sailed from Plymouth on June 12, 1617, with 14 ships under his command. With him were the redoubtable Lawrence Keymis and Raleigh's 22-year-old son, Wat. Illness on the voyage across the Atlantic accounted for the lives of 42 men, including Raleigh's second-in-command, John Pigott. Raleigh himself collapsed on the deck, hitting his head. He couldn't eat solid food for 20 days or more. He survived, he said, on the occasional stewed prune.

Suicide mission

In San Thomé, Keymis — who must have known that by attacking the Spanish town he had breached the principal condition of Raleigh's deal with James I — was falling apart, too. Only a few Spanish had died in the skirmish. Most had fled, and Keymis was fearful they would return upriver with reinforcements. Moreover, of course, he had no precise idea where the mine might be. Did he even believe there was one?

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Drones Help Find Ancient & Mysterious Sites FAST!

I like to use a combination of Google Earth and Zoom Earth to find small anomalies that look like ancient sites, mysterious sites and also old abandoned sites of potential interest.

Then I go in with a drone. The drone allows me to see the bigger picture and to pinpoint 10 times more interesting and important locations than without it.

This way I can document sites better and faster, and thus, make way more money when I apply my monetization strategies.

Archaeologists Are Using Drones to Find Good Places to Dig: The Search for Potsherds.

Drones are becoming ever more present tools for archaeologists looking to add to their survey and excavation toolkits. They’ve been used to get some great aerial views of archaeological sites and features and sometimes even to discover them! And researchers have now teamed up high-res drone pictures with some nifty machine learning to detect one of an archaeologist’s go to first finds – potsherds!

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How to Earn a Great Income as a Pro Adventurer / Digital Nomad + More!

There are numerous ways to earn a great living while on the road or living any where in the world you like.

My good friend has created some excellent videos on the subject for you. He is an accomplished Digital Nomad.

I practice all of the income methods he describes in addition to the gold and treasure I recover in the field. I like to have multiple sources of income just to make sure I am covering all of my bases.

Besides the methods and strategies you learn in these videos, there is yet another monitization method that I like even more. We'll get to that one a little later.

Great Online Monitization Methods

This lesson contains lots of online monitization ideas and methods. Personally, I use most of them myself. These ideas go hand in hand with being an Adventurer. Always be looking to develop multiple streams of income.

Organize Group Adventure Travel

If you have always dreamed about a life of international travel and luxurious adventure vacations, then this may be some of the most important information you'll ever read.

In this Module, I'm going to let you in on one of the travel industry’s biggest secrets. One that makes it possible to have an amazing career, traveling the globe in style, for free, and even getting paid to do it!

Becoming A Professional Group Travel Organizer

A Professional Group Travel Organizer is the person that organizes the travel for a group. In other words, you are the person that decides where the group will go, when the group will go, and what the group does when you get there.

You also get to choose who you take and how many you take. You are in full control because you are the boss. This is your very own travel business. And of course, it is your "job" to go on the trip and enjoy the vacation.

How Much Can You Earn With This Idea?

You get to make money on everyone that goes on your trip. How much? Well, that depends on where you go, and how much you want to charge. A lot of Group Travel Organizers average $300 to $800 per person on a trip. Some make as much as $1500 per person.

The Lifestyle of a Group Adventure Travel Organizer

Now you have some idea of what kind of money can be made and how you make it. As a Group Adventure Travel Organizer you can gauge your business so that it takes care of your personal needs and desires. You might only be looking to for a way make a supplemental income or take a few luxury vacations...or you might be driven to make millions of dollars.

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Important FAQs Requested by Pro Adventurer Students

Here are some Answers & Solutions to some of the most frequent and important questions when getting started.

Please send me your questions & comments so we can build this into a solid resource for everyone.

Since I have made and do currently make money with almost all of these methods, I'll be able to immediately share what works and also what doesn't work for me.

Pro Adventurer FAQs 1 of 2

This is a good start with some of our most frequently asked questions. Please add your questions and comments to the "Comments" box below.

Pro Adventurer FAQs 2 of 2

Here are a few more. Please keep them coming.

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Stan's Adventure Biz Plan Checklists™ for Pro Adventurers

Follow these blueprint steps carefully. Success will come quickly. Please allow me to explain further...

I have spent 45+ years trying out, testing and experimenting with every possible technique, method, strategy, technology and idea that I could find about discovering lost cities and ancient mysterious sites.

For the past 35 years, I have discovered and documented dozens of lost cities and even more ancient mysterious sites that are not well understood by archaeologists today.

If you work on my checklists below, daily, you will become successful enough to make your own independent discoveries and a very comfortable living within months, NOT YEARS!

Please post your questions and comments below so I can help you with anything on these multiple pages of checklists of things to prepare and do.

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 1 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 1

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 2 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 2

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 3 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 3 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 4 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 4 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 5 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 5 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 6 of 6

Stan’s Step-by-Step Blueprint – part 6 of 6

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Mega Resources for the Wealthy Adventurer

This Mega Resource provides you with links to hundreds of websites that allow you to research any specific aspect of becoming a Wealthy Adventurer that interests you most.

If you have any questions or comments, please submit them at the bottom of this page. I am always here to help you. And if I don't have a good answer, I know how to get them fast.

Find Lost Cities Mega Resource

The more research you do, the more success you will have in the field. I usually estimate that 80% - 85% of my success comes from the internet and through conversations with Natives who live in or near my target area.

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Course Conclusion

Here are a few last words of wisdom to help get you going as fast as possible. I hope you can grab a few gems from my experiences.

Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion