Learn to Be a Wealthy Gold Prospector in 3 Months


I strongly believe that alluvial gold prospecting and mining is one of the very best ways in the world for an individual or couple to make more than $100,000 working no more than 6 months each year.

I've done it and I know dozens of people who do it too.

That said, it is not easy work and usually requires several years of dedicated experience to reach that level.

Believe me, it is worth every minute that it takes to reach that pro level. At the end of the day, you have the ability to be totally free, visiting your favorite gold banks whenever you need to make a withdrawal!

To help insure your speedy success, I've included a copy of my unique Adventure Biz Plan Checklist™ for Gold Prospectors and Miners. Follow the checklists directly to the gold.

Welcome to my world of adventure and freedom. I have been an explorer, prospector, and treasure hunter for most of my life. It is my passion to go where few have gone before. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven when I am out in the field in pursuit of lost cities, gold, diamonds, treasures and ancient mysteries.

Years after learning how to metal detect, while studying geology in the state of Utah, I went to visit relatives in Placerville, California during a Thanksgiving Day break from school. Placerville sits in the heart of the Mother Lode country and where the gold rush of 1849 began. After visiting Sutter's Mill and learning how to pan for gold, I was again transformed and changed permanently.

That was in 1973. Ever since that point in my life, the search for gold and treasure has been a definite part of my destiny. I could never stop my search until the day I die, likely with my boots on.

Learn to Be a Wealthy Gold Prospector in 3 Months


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IMPORTANT! We assume all the risk here. You have 30 days to request a full, no questions asked, refund if you are not 100% pleased with your investment.