How to NEVER Pay for 
New Batteries Ever Again!


How to Make a Great Living
with "Dead" Batteries

Business How to Make a Great Living with "Dead" Batteries

I don’t know about you, but, as an avid outdoorsman and adventurer, I have spent a small fortune on batteries over the last few years. It seems like I am constantly accumulating more and more electronic devices and gadgets by the month. Almost weekly, I need to replace a battery somewhere.

How to NEVER Pay for  New Batteries Ever Again

I finally got a little bit smarter and invested a few hundred dollars in an array of different types and sizes of rechargeable batteries along with a universal recharger that could recharge most of the batteries I use.

The only problem is… a number of my rechargeable batteries are not recharging very well and are not lasting as long as I had hoped. And then there are the batteries for my cell phones and laptop computers. Those cost a real fortune!

Instead of throwing all of my dead batteries away, I had been keeping them in a box, hoping that someday, some new technology would come along and help me to make the dead ones come alive again. That box grew nearly full and represented many hundreds of dollars in purchases.

Guess what? The day I had been waiting for finally arrived! I have now been putting many of those dead batteries back to good use. After months of searching for solutions, at last, I discovered how to recondition almost all of my batteries.

But before I tell you everything, let me begin by sharing the secret I learned about reviving my cell phone batteries when they no longer hold a charge…

never have to buy new batteries ever again

Once you have the right information, reconditioning and reviving dead batteries is not all that difficult. And once you learn all of the methods for each type of battery, you pretty much never have to buy new batteries ever again.


Now, here is what I do with the batteries in my cell phones when they die…

First, I recommend never throwing your cell phone batteries away until you have tried reviving them first. Maybe all the battery needs is just a little “push” to make it fully functional again.

Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started:

1. Any 9-volt battery
2. Electric tape – about five inches.
3. Electrical wire - basic thin electrical wire will do.

Red (+) and black (-) are  preferred.

Step #1
Connect the electrical wire to the positive and negative terminals of the cell phone battery first, as these are smaller. You can identify the terminals of the battery by simply looking at the side of the battery. It will have a plus (+) and minus (–) sign to mark the terminals. Remember to use two separate wires or split wires for each of the terminals.

Do not connect the positive and negative terminals of either battery with itself.

Most cell phone batteries have more than two terminals, use the ones that are furthest from each other, or the ones on the outside. The center terminals are not to be used.

Step #2
Cover the connections with electric tape. Take note which wires go to which terminals of the battery, as not to connect a positive side to a negative.

Step #3
Connect the wire coming from the positive terminal of the cell phone battery to the positive terminal of the 9-volt battery.

Do the same with the negative wire.

Do not connect opposite polarity, positive to negative, because this can short out your cell phone battery.

Step #4
Secure the connection of the wires and the terminals of the batteries with electrical tape.

Place them in a cool, dry place, away from any water or heat.

Step #5
Leave the connection for up to a minute or until your cell phone battery gets slightly warm. You should check the battery every 10-seconds or so for heat.

Step #6
Remove the connections once the cell phone battery gets a little warm to touch.

Step #7
Insert the cell phone battery back into your phone and check to see if your phone powers on.

Step #8
Check the battery level once your phone is on. If the level is low, plug the phone into a charger and wait until it is fully charged.

Hopefully, this method will do the trick for you. There are other methods to try if this one doesn’t work for you. I have alternatives coming right up…

Next, I’ll reveal where I learned all of the reconditioning methods that are working for me with all of my different types of batteries.

Many people are shocked at how simple these reconditioning methods are… and how much money it saves them each year on batteries.

resurrection Any volt battery

And the great thing is...

You can learn and use these simple methods too!

There's also a way to get free (or dirt cheap) dead batteries, recondition them, and then sell them for huge profits!

But how and where do you learn all of this?...

I consider myself to be a pretty good internet researcher. However, after far too much time spent searching for free information on this subject, I came across one single source that gave me all of the secrets for all types of batteries. It came with a money-back guarantee. So, I decided to go ahead and part with my hard-earned money.


I was completely blown away by the information I received for my small investment. It covered everything. After experimenting with all of the battery reconditioning methods for all types of batteries, I can give a big “thumbs up” endorsement for this training package. It far surpassed my expectations. It works.

Battery Cluster white

What’s more, I began recognizing opportunities to pick up free or dirt cheap batteries wherever I go now. Since very few people know about this stuff, they always just discard their “dead” batteries. It is so easy to bring home these batteries whenever I want.

deep cycle batteries

I especially pay close attention to the “dead” deep cycle batteries. These normally cost a small fortune to buy new. I know, because I have an off-grid house and the alternative energy system we installed cost more than $30,000. If I had known then what I know now, it would have cost half of that.

battery reconditioning business

Anyway, if you are interested in a highly profitable business opportunity, this could be the ticket for you. Reconditioned batteries are in need everywhere in the world. Demand for these batteries will only continue to grow well into the future.

Here is where to find this great course...

p.s. Here is a sample of the battery types covered in

this easy-to-understand training course:

  • Car Batteries
  • Laptop Batteries
  • Phone Batterie
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Long Life Batteries
  • Lead-Acid Batteries
  • check
    Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries
  • check
    Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) Batteries
  • check
    AA Batteries
  • check
    Alternative Energy Batteries
  • check
    Deep Cycle Batteries
  • check
    Marine Batteries
  • check
    Golf Cart Batteries
  • check
    Forklift Batteries
  • check
    Nickel–Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries
  • check
    Alkaline Batteries
  • check
    AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Batteries
  • check
    SLA (Sealed Lead-Acid) Batteries
  • check
    12V Batteries
  • check
    Truck Batteries
  • check
    C Batteries
  • check
    9V Batteries
  • check
    6V Batteries
  • check
    D Batteries
  • check
    N Batteries
  • check
    24V Batteries
  • check
    Wind System Batteries
  • check
    Solar System Batteries


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