Enjoy the Adventure and Make Money

Enjoy the Adventure and Make Money

Adventure and Make Money


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Today, let's get started by brainstorming some ideas of interesting and adventurous things that we can focus on with our upcoming projects and making some money...

However, before we begin today, I want to let you know about a new e-mail series that we just started. It may be of interest to you. It is called Ancient Mysteries = Modern Secrets. This new series gets into things like: 

  • ancient mysteries
  • secret government coverups
  • UFO's
  • ancient astronauts
  • ancient tunnel systems
  • free-energy
  • giants
  • anti-gravity technologies
  • secret properties of gold
  • sacred geometry
  • and much more!

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Here, below, is an interesting list of "Adventure Income" topics for discussion in our Club. Which of these items seem most interesting to you? What else might you want to add to the list?

  • gold prospecting & mining
  • ancient gold-bearing river channels that produce large nuggets
  • metal detecting
  • geophysical detection instruments
  • diamonds & gemstones
  • treasure hunting - on and offshore
  • investigation of archaeological sites, lost cities, ancient mysteries, etc.
  • caves & ancient tunnel systems
  • cryptozoology
  • antiquities, artifacts & antiques
  • antlers
  • fossils, bones, teeth, trees, fish, trilobites, amber,
  • valuable mushrooms, herbs & plants
  • sailing the open sea to new destinations
  • what else are we missing?...

Many people would consider it quite difficult to earn a full-time living from the various activities on the list above. Do you know what I would say to them? I would say, "I totally agree with you!" It took me years to figure this stuff out.

I have actually engaged in making a full-time living from each of the areas above, at one point or another during my life. And you know what? While it was amazingly fun and sometimes even extremely lucrative, I did eat a lot of hotdogs and beans during some of those years too.

This is important!...

OK, eventually, I discovered ways to augment and enhance my income from these crazy professions (I use the term "professions" loosely). I found ways to stabilize my income during the "lean times". Again, I am going to share a partial list of the things I did to round out the financial rough edges.

Here it is:

  • writer & blogger
  • internet research pro
  • photographer & videographer
  • selling my little treasures at online auctions
  • guiding & leading adventure tour groups
  • creating training courses (live & online)
  • dealer of collectibles, antiques, equipment, books & specimens
  • reviewer of people, places & equipment
  • private investigator
  • forex & stock options market trader
  • gambler
  • coach & consultant

Yes, I know it seems as if I have lived many different lives in my 65 years. I have. That is why I am still a little rough around the edges.

In the end, here is the Great Secret!... (I should be charging you an arm and a leg for this :-) ...


After decades of consulting with thousands of like-minded adventurers of all ages, types and sizes, we have been able to determine that adventurers often fit into one (or more) of 3 different categories.

Here they are…

  • 1
    The Armchair Adventurer – this type of person stays mostly at home due to physical limitations or other obligations. They love to read about adventures and watch them on TV or YouTube. The Armchair Adventurer can work from home in an adventure-related field. We will be discussing many possibilities in coming days.
  • 2
     The Adventure Traveler – this type of adventurer loves to travel to different cities and places in their own country and, sometimes, even in different countries around the world. If the Adventure Traveler properly sets up a portable business and income, they can stay in any place in the world they like as long as they have an internet connection. Stay tuned for tons of great ideas on portable businesses.
  • 3
    Finally, we have the Remote Explorer – this type of adventurer usually likes to spend time where no other normal people go. They may be involved in gold prospecting, treasure hunting, exploring lost cities and investigating ancient mysteries. The sky is the limit. Personally, this has been my lifestyle for many years.

The Armchair Adventurer

The Adventure Traveler

The Remote Explorer

Here is the deal…

... If you can connect something (or things) on list #1 with something (or things) on list # 2, you can have a lot of fun, live a lot of adventure and make a very comfortable AND STABLE income!

What do you think? Does that Great Secret interest you? Does it make sense? Please remember that these are only partial lists. You can expand them with your own life experiences and creativity!

OR... you can pick just one thing from only one of the lists, and still do very well, but it is a little more tricky.

If any of this resonates with you, let's continue the conversation in the next newsletter...


Important Note:

Just so you know, we'll be publishing this newsletter several times per week from here on in. We will be focusing on a combination of all 3 types of adventurers and related income ideas. This way, you will be able to pick, choose and combine ideas that suit you best. 

Also, you can expect to occasionally receive offers from me to purchase various products and services. It is important for you to know that I only offer my own creations or things that I actually use and have found to be of significant value. I will never offer you impertinent junk!

Please share your questions and comments with us here...